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TaraJ85 replied to topic Really dissapointed in her

My sis is incredibly sensitive, we lost both our parents to cancer (not smoking related) in the last 5 years & she says she can't cope without the smokes. Her husband is a very heavy smoker too & d...

Saturday 08 October 01:33am

TaraJ85 started new topic Really dissapointed in her

Ok, well I'm an ex-smoker, when I found out I was pregnant I cut down to 2/day until I was around 12 weeks then cut it out completely, When DD was born I couldn't think of anything worse than expos...

Saturday 08 October 12:43am

TaraJ85 started new topic sinus infection

I've got a sinus infection & I am so worried that my 3.5 mnth old will catch it, started with a sore throat then runny/blocked nose & I presumed it was allergies but now it's obvious that it isn't....

Friday 26 August 08:08pm

TaraJ85 replied to topic I just received an intervention

Ha! that is hilarious, hope her partner made her feel like a twit when she got home! so emabarrasing for her! next time you have tea with them give her a print out of this forum discussion & tell h...

Thursday 28 July 07:42pm

TaraJ85 replied to topic Does anyone else have an issue with cats around their Baby?

My sister was almost suffocated by our family cat (siamese) when she was a newborn. The cat came off 2nd best when my dad discovered it curled up on my sisters head.. cats are jealous, selfish anim...

Monday 18 July 11:55pm

TaraJ85 replied to topic Lisa likes Lucy, Eve or Abigail. What do you think?

I have to pick Poppy as thats my baby girl's name, you get to incorporate the flower into decorating her room or choosing themes as well, it's not a very common name so she may be the only one in h...

Monday 18 July 11:45pm

TaraJ85 replied to topic Worried about Immunisations

I'm pro immunisations for a few reasons. I have nursed children with whooping cough, & seen the damage that is causes for babies under six weeks (brain damage etc). I have banned some of my own fam...

Monday 11 July 04:50am

TaraJ85 started new topic Head Shape

I'm just wondering about the shape of my baby's head. She was born via Emerg Ceasarean after 5 hrs of non progressive labour, she had a slightly coned head at birth & I was told that tghis would co...

Tuesday 05 July 07:29pm

TaraJ85 started new topic Arsenic Hour

My bub is 6 wks old & for the last 2 weeks it seems as though she realises when the clock strikes 5pm & she screams for 2 hours. My hubby is starting to think it's him! She's really hard to settle,...

Saturday 02 July 02:27am

TaraJ85 replied to topic Portable High Chairs

We've got an Infa Baby Diner for when my nephew visits, it's really easy to put on & pull off the table & you can attach it to the corner as well if you have a lot of people over for tea.

Saturday 02 July 02:19am

TaraJ85 replied to topic nearly there

Good luck! I was 4 days overdue, I figured bub thought it was too cold outside! You never know, it may happen tomorrow!

Saturday 02 July 02:15am
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