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e_b1 replied to topic VBAC or CS

Thank you very much everyone, you have all given me something to think about. It's definately helps to know that things are generally better the second time around. I still haven't decided what I ...

Friday 22 July 11:22pm

e_b1 replied to topic Managing after caesar both physically and mentally

Congrats on the birth of your lovely little bub. If you are ever worried about your recovery you cant get into your GP you can call Health Direct 24hrs a day, I think the number is 180022222, or h...

Saturday 16 July 02:26am

e_b1 started new topic VBAC or CS

I would love any advice, suggestions, stories that anyone has to offer please. I am 25 weeks preg with bub #2. Our son is 18mths old and born by emergency CS after being induced, it was all very m...

Friday 08 July 07:17pm

e_b1 replied to topic Just for fun :)

My son was born at 41 weeks weighing 6p15oz. I am almost 23 weeks pregnant with our seccond and it looks like I will be having another fun sized bub

Thursday 23 June 01:11am
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