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Thanks Mel, got it! Going well I think, havent had any MS starting to worry that something may be wrong because I havent! Everything but the tiredness has calmed down now. Very scary times! Telling DH's brother this weekend, as arranged by MIL (how generous), we also get to have an audience of DH's parents which is totally not what I want, but I dont get a say! Cant wait to see what happens when our little one comes along! Starting to regret telling them! Oh well, just working myself up for nothing really! For second/third/fourth time mums, did you put it out there to family that you didnt want visitors until you were ready? I have told my Mum who had a bit of a whinge, but respects my decision (I'm talking a few hours post birth, perhaps next day depending on time of arrival). Going to go down like a lead balloon with MIL who is the sort of 'older' teacher that is always right! Grrr (not a gripe against teachers, you know the ones that are stuck in their ways?) Cant wait for...

Congrats to everyone who has joined in the last few days! Very exciting times! Mel-O, how do you add a ticker to Huggies? I have made one, but no idea how to add it to my profile!

According I one Chinese forecasting thingo I am having a girl, according to the link above boy. Well that settles things, 50/50 chance lol

Melissa, be strong! WHile there is hope, there is no point worrying. Stress is all a part of this TTC journey it seems, but at this point things are still positive enough to think only good things. I really hope that things work out for you, it would be so hard being away from home. Do your family you are staying with know that you are pregnant, and what you are going through? I hope DH is giving you all the support you need! Rant- does anyone else have an interfering MIL? Arranging the when and how we tell DH bro, Oh and they must be present of course. There is excited an there is controlling. Grrrrr Anyway, 8 weeks today! Woo Hoo! I am not feeling much this week, no cramps and my bbs are feeling ok. Hope that is a good thing. Still havent had MS or nausea. So scared to be telling people we are pregnant because it is still early. 4wks 3 days to the ultrasound- yippee!! I realised that I havent introduced myself either! I am 25, DH is 27. Married for 9 months, together for over 8...

First of all, hope you are feeling a little better today! Secondly, sorry my previous selfish post (I have edited it) ended up in here, I meant to put it in another thread! I hope things do ease for you like Mel has said, I have no idea how you stop wanting another baby. It's so cruel that good people like you are left wanting, but you do have two little miracles to put a smile on your face each day. Perhaps in the future when you stop having the stress of TTC nature will charge and you will get another miracle. I really do hope so! Thinking of you! And sorry again for accidently posting my crap in your thread!

Ash I am so sorry to hear your news. Please vent away if you need to, we are all here to support you! I will be thinking of you xo

Hi ladies, how is everyone going? I am 7+5 and feeling very much bigger than usual around my middle. I that even possible? I haven't been pigging out or anything but my clothes are definitely sitting tighter and some are just uncomfortable. Could it be bloating? It's far too early for it to be our little bean, isn't it? I just feel fat and flabby can't wait for a real baby bump instead of my usual flab!

YAYYYYYY Mel! Congrats to you and DH on the fabulous news! Looking forward to chatting to you in Due Sept Sending lots of love for a smooth ride!

DH and I would like to have Charlie for a boy, but completely lost after that! No idea of other names or middle names! I do like Jacob, but think that could be too 'Twilight' at the moment I am not a nutty fan or anything, but I am sure people would make that assumption!

I got ours from BigW for $69, not a flash one but as you say does the same thing! So far we have had it for about 4 months and still on the same large gas bottle. We probably only use it once a week now though, but started out 3/4! Get all your flavours and refill gas bottles from Kmart or Big W, much cheaper! As for flavours, DH likes them! I enjoy soda water, so that it why we got it in the beginning. Great with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime! And you can use normal cordial if you like, all the flavours have a guide of how much to use but you can always adjust to taste. Also great for parties! Took it to Xmas for everyone having mixer drinks, saved a dash to the nearest town (1/2 hr away!). We love it!