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I have just gone 7wks with my first pregnancy. No implantation bleeding or spotting at all for me, I was tired and my boobs were instantly bigger an aching day and night. It took us six months of BfN to get our positive, and every month I felt very twinge, jab, ache or strain in the hope I was preggo! I confidently pin our success on vitamins, it sure wasn't patience

Hey Ange I am the same, no real symptoms at this point. Sore bbs still, but has eased heaps since 5wks! I felt faint after my bloods too, but they took 6 vials! Collapsed a vein getting it to, so have a tell tale bruise Asha, sorry that you couldn't hear the heartbeat, that sucks! Didn't see it on my scan either, hope at your next one it's there and strong! We have told my patents, 3 close friends and will tell DH parents this weekend. Hoping everything goes well, but if it doesn't we will need support. Thinking of telling my boss soon, so exhausted that I feel I need to excuse myself! She is pretty cruisy so might wait until I get my bloods back first.

Has anyone bought one of these? They look great (even better when they are on sale ) I love the look of them, and the change mat clutch, but any reviews would be greatly appreciated! Please feel free to recommend others that you have loved! There are so many to choose from!

Hey I'm Ange and I am 1 week 4 days going off the date I ovulated. I got a light but definite BFP on Sunday and a massive one this morning My husband and I have been married for 6 years and we have a gorgeous little boy who turns 3 on Friday. DS1 was a total surprise (I was on the pill) and this was our first attempt at trying and we are thrilled that it happened staright away!!! I have a Dr appointment today Just quick question.... is it odd that my HPT showed up as a BFP so soon? I was just over a week by then. Can't wait to get to know you all Hi Ange! Congrats! Where are you at in your cycle? You measure from the first day of your last period, which would put you at just after AF? Is it possible you are further along?

Had my first GP appt today! So exciting! The Dr popped an old ultrasound machine on me, an there was the little bean in his sack! Wish DH was there!! Couldn't see bubs well, but the sac was quite prominent an the doc dated me at exactly where I thought I was. Hoping the bloods come back all good! Great idea for the Facebook page girls! See you all there!

A Fbook group would be great! Going for my appt tomorrow with the GP! First one do hoping for all good news and a more definite due date! Not sure what I expect, this is all new for us! Welcome to all the new ladies and congrats on their Bfp's! No MS yet, my dates put me at 6wks 3 days today, when does it normally start? Very tired all the time, some pains now and again that remind me of what is happening (and I hope they are good ones!) How is everyone traveling?

1st Sept Hks12 Boy/Girl- Husband and Mum think Boy Siblings- 2 Step Kiddies Sasha1001 Boy/Girl- think maybe girl? Siblings- first bub! Live*Laugh*Love Boy/Girl- Want to reach the safe point before i start speculating Siblings- Abbey who turns 5 in April 2nd Sept 3rd Sept 4th Sept Purplepossom Boy/Girl- Siblings- 5th Sept F_Meadows Boy/Girl- Siblings- 6th Sept Rebecca_Russell-600 Boy/Girl- Siblings- DD Savannah 12 months 7th Sept 8th Sept funkihi Boy/Girl- Siblings- Unsure of date pinkrabbit Leah Asha015 Hope everything goes well for you at your scan tomorrow hks12!! Your step daughter will be amazed by it all I bet. I went to a girlfriend's 12wk scan and it made me cry! That was before we were trying or thinking of it, was just so magical to see that little person in there! If you want to add/change your details to the list, you copy and paste it in a repply then edit as you need

Hi Rebecca & Leah! Congrats on your news! I thought I would add a 'lucky list' of sorts for due Sept 2012. Please feel free to add your info or anything else you would like! 1st Sept Hks12 Boy/Girl- Siblings- Sasha1001 Boy/Girl- think maybe girl? Siblings- first bub! 2nd Sept 3rd Sept 4th Sept Purplepossom Boy/Girl- Siblings- 5th Sept F_Meadows Boy/Girl- Siblings- Sorry asha015, funkihi, Rebecca & Leah, want sure when you were due!

Yes, yes you do! And while people may think it is silly if it stops stressing, why NOT! Bring on tomorrow's doc appt. Good luck for tomorrow! I figure the same with testing, it eases our minds so who cares! I am not getting sick of seeing the two lines, that's for sure! Although Hollie, you are a few ahead of me lol. Think I am up to 8 internet cheapies and one Clear Blue Wish my Dr appt was this week, it's going to kill me this waiting!

Thanks ladies! Where did you buy them from? Or what sort did you get?