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So I have my thermometer... Any advice from here of what sort of temp change I am looking for, or if there is a time of day better than another?

An me!! ~*Lucky List*~ Anirtak BFP 5 Dec EagerAsh BFP 6 Dec Jenny BFP 8th Dec *Kirst* BFP 9 Dec mel-O BFP 15 Dec BecS BFP 20th Dec ejane BFP 22nd Dec Sasha1001 BFP 22 Dec Spinn84 BFP 23rd Dec (my birthday) ChazzyK BFP 30th Dec Here's to our Christmas wish ladies!!

Well I am off to TTC Dec, good luck to all the girls waiting to test!! Why are we always told it's so easy to get pregnant? It's even more disheartening when it just doesn't happen Thinking positive thoughts for next month!! Xo

I am definitely joining you gals in TTC Dec! Another BFN yesterday, so I give up on Nov! Hurry up AF so I can get on with Dec stupid witch is late again and dragging this whole TTC thing out! Grrrrr

I'm still holding out to test again but desperately want to! I asked DH to hide the tests, but he forgot lol. Pretty sure I o'd late, so my original test date would be wrong. I'm having so many cramp and sharp pains, so hoping there is a bean in there attaching itself!! Unlucky that everything is a pregnancy symptom lol Good luck everyone coming up to test.

Love them all ?

OMG that's awesome news!!! huge congrats to you Del! You have been ab amazing support and so positive to everyone, it was only a matter of time until karma caught up!!! All the warm fuzzies in the world coming your way!!! Xo

ha ha amazing what sticks! I have never heard Boo because of Halloween! Lumpy and Junior are the ones that I have heard lately with friends.

For fun, I thought I would put it out there, what have you/are you planning to name your bump? Or best you have heard? I saw on a forum (could have been Huggies) Cletus the Foetus, and that has really stuck with me as a hilarious pet name! In need of distraction from the TTW, TTC, OPK and all the rest, so thought it could be worth a laugh to start this thread!

Sorry about your BFN and I really hope you can go again next cycle. As for the EPO you can take 1000mg-3000mg a day it really depends on what works for you I took 1000mg at Breakfast, lunch and dinner as it said to take with food. It didn't really care what brand I just went to chemist warehouse and bought the cheapest brand which was Healthy Care. You tkae it from CD1 until you O so you will need to use OPK's so you know the day of O to stop as it causes uterine contractions which is not good for an implanting eggie. It only helps with PMT if you are going to take it full cycle which we are not cos we are TTC. Thanks Spinn, very helpful to know!