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HUGE congrats to Rosie Mumma and Archers Mummy!! All the best fo ryour pregnancy girls! I have added myself to the list for Nov.. Here goes another month!! *Lucky List* Deepsouth BFP 01/11 Jenny004s BFP - 11/11 unique1 BFP-12/11 mel-O BFP - 14/11 Becs01 BFP - 16/11 Sarah2011 BFP - 16/11 Myrrah BFP 16/11 jacw99 BFP - 18/11 Sasha1001- BFP 18/11 Bec S -BFP 19/11 del_purcell - 19/11 Spinn84 BFP - 20/11 Loz80 - 21/11 Leg_89 BFP- 23/11 Manda2011 BFP- 24/11 DPNZ BFP - 26/11 AndiJ BFP - 29/11 rumsmuggler BFP - 30/11 Mrs M to be - BFP 25/12 XMAS DAY! Pregnant Archers~Mummy - Due 17th July 2012 Rosie Mumma- Due 20th July 2012 Baby dust everyone!!

Just wondering what mums have found to be the best when it has come to their babies! Old remedies or new products/accessories? I am looking for gift ideas, and hopefully a to buy list for myself

Thanks Polly. Unfortunately I live rurally and its not as easy as it sounds to just make an appt. I have phoned twice this week, and there is a three week wait! Impossible to have a regular GP in the country, they leave all the time!

Were the 2 hpts the same brand? If they were perhaps try a different brand and look for the ones that detect earlier as they are more sensitive. Perhaps also try calling the doc back, explaining the situation and seeing if you can get an earlier appointment? If they say no just try to get in sooner with another doctor, leaving enough time before your holiday to have the blood tests and get the results. If you still can't see a doctor before your holiday and AF is still MIA, it's probably for the best to act as if you are pregnant while away. Enjoy your trip! Thanks for that, I have phoned and booked an appt at another surgery. I have no idea what is going on with my body, but a process of elimination has to be good! Now to last until Monday for the GP appt! Thanks so much for your reply!

So I am 3 weeks late for AF, no sign of her yet!I am typically pretty regular... I have taken 2 HPTs, all BFN! I dont want to get my hopes up that I am really a BFN, but I need to know either way! I am going to Bali next Sunday for a girls trip, so if there is any chance that I am, I really need to know beforehand! Has anyone else experienced this? I am not getting my hopes up, more thinking AF should just hurry up so that Nov is a fresh start!I am thinking of booking a Dr appt, but havent been able to get into my GP for 3 wks (after I get back from hol). Should I just book with any GP just to be sure?

Congrats to all the girls with BFP's!! I had a dream last night that I was 8 weeks pregnant... Bought another test this morning and BFN- AGAIN! Bugger! This is week 3 that I am overdue for AF, and I dont think that I have ever noticed as much about my body as I have lately- every twinge, cramp, sensation of ANY kind gets me thinking. I just wish that AF would hurry her arse up so we can move on to the next month. I dont even know if I am ovulating, it sounds dumb, but how do I find out? I am terrified of trying 'properly' incase it just doesnt happen for me. My mum had hell having me, and I am scared that will be my luck too. Baby dust to everyone, sorry for the novel!

Hi ladies. We have been TTC for 3 months now, no luck yet! Seems that AF has plans of her own, and comes and goes as she pleases. I am now 2 wks O/D for AF, which is annoying. I got a BFN just over a week ago, so just wish she would hurry up so we can get onto the next cycle! Off to the Gyno next week for a follow up pap smear, had irregular results six months ago for the second time in 12 months. Hopefully it doesnt lead to removal of endomet. cells, I have heard that adds 3 months to baby making. Anyone know anything about that? Baby dust to all!

Good Luck! Cant wait to hear how you went!

Mel, sorry it wasnt your month! I can't think of something funny to say to lighten the baby shower for you, they are like weddings when you want to get married! You are definitely not awful of selfish!I hope you can find something to get you through, this is just a small bump on a long road to having a teenager... Ewww teenagers Still no AF for me, now 8 days overdue. Unusual for me to be late, but BFN's all round for me! Tested last at 1 day past due AF. When I say last, I may have been overexcited and conducted a few tests this month... I am not thinking that there is someone growing inside me, just that my stupid cycle has decided to drag on NOW of all times! I just wanted AF to be here so that we could move on to the next O and try again. Damned this waiting!

Ejane, good question! Its hard having to be quiet and secretive about TTC and get all the info you need! Did anyone see that show on 7 last might about the human body and making babies? Really interesting! Well an update, I am 3 days overdue AF but got a BFN Tues, so it's not a good overdue wish she would just hurry up so we can get on with it! I really wanted to tell my mum we were trying, I was sure it would be a BFP Tues! Wishful thinking! Not going to tell parents until it happens, don't need any extra pressure. Any girls who are onto their second/third, when did you tell your folks? After 12 wks or before?