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katy512 replied to topic feeling a bit lonely

I know how you feel. Neither of my parents approve of my partner and if i am upset, every thing ive told them about him, ever, is brought up and forms a list of why i should leave two close...

Saturday 21 April 02:39am

katy512 replied to topic House is a mess!! how to find time to clean with a baby

I understand how you feel, I'm having the same problem! I've found that sorting jobs into 'compulsory' (eg washing clothes, doing dishes, sweeping floor etc) and 'if i have time' (eg just about any...

Thursday 22 March 10:28pm

katy512 replied to topic My hubby is a smoker

I understand where you're coming from, my man is a pack-a-day smoker, and with cigarette prices having increased, it amounts to just under $20 per day...I've tried explaining to him that he's spend...

Thursday 22 March 10:16pm

katy512 replied to topic NO sex drive

I understand, I gave birth to my DS almost 4 months ago and haven't had a sex drive since then. My partner doesn't really seem to understand that I'm exhausted from being up and down with Bub all n...

Thursday 22 March 07:26am

katy512 replied to topic modern cloth nappies!!!

Hi there, I originally started out with traditional cloth nappies, as I could not come at the high prices of the modern cloth nappies, but found a pack of new modern cloth nappies on eBay so decide...

Thursday 22 March 07:22am

katy512 started new topic feeling a bit lonely

My partner and I have recently moved into town after living on a cattle property 250km from the nearest town. While living out there, we were spending the majority of each day together, as I’d go w...

Friday 28 October 02:10am

katy512 replied to topic Help me prove my DH wrong

My DP is fantastic - he gives me massages quite often without being asked. Occasionally he IS after something in return, but most of the time it's just him being thoughtful and nice, which is lovely.

Thursday 27 October 10:36pm
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