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joia replied to topic Young Daddy's

my partner is 24 going on 12.He is a fabulous daddy to our boys but sometimes needs a boot up the backside to help a little more than he wants to. like carlys partner he would rather be playing xbo...

Thursday 21 April 04:11pm

joia replied to topic Navy Wives, Hardest Job in the Service!!!!!

hi all. REad your posts and my heart goes out to you all. Like you all my partner is away ALOT for work, it could be anything from a daytrip to 10 mnths. I gave birth to my boys and my partner was ...

Saturday 16 April 05:05pm

joia replied to topic Weight Loss Support?

OH THANK YOU THANK YOU for your posts. I was surfing the forums after months of being away (feeling like a big blob at the moment) and this is what i was looking for. I am a mother of twin boys now...

Saturday 16 April 04:43pm

joia replied to topic Best Of Auckland

i am also an auckland mum to twin boys and havent yet quite gotten out for summer but my boys enjoyed the "parents and child" expo in greenlane. (N.B. its held annually and it is great for giveaway...

Saturday 06 November 06:58pm

joia started new topic travelling overseas with babies

i will be travelling overseas soon when the boys are five months old to (south)england for 3 months. Any tips on travelling overseas would be appreciated or any support groups i can contact to keep...

Monday 25 October 05:28am

joia replied to topic Sport and Pregnancy

I agree with most of the people who have replied it is DEFINATELY an individual thing. I played touch till i was three months pregnant but then decided as it was mixed touch (men and women) and som...

Monday 22 March 02:29pm

joia replied to topic When did your belly start showing????

I was a bit slow off the mark and only found out I was pregnant at three months with my first, and no sooner had the world only just discovered that I was pregnant I ballooned the following week . ...

Sunday 14 March 04:04pm

joia replied to topic falling out of love

hey ladies thanks for your replies, until now I have kept all my feelings to myself, but it was great to get it all off my chest. My hubbie and I were able to email each other and even though i tho...

Saturday 13 March 04:18pm

joia started new topic falling out of love

I am a new mother expecting twins at the end of July 2004 and we found out i was pregnant 2 months after my husband left for the navy.I am a happy mother-to-be and my husband is just as excited as ...

Sunday 07 March 03:05pm
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