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Gsxrness replied to topic Day time sleep

Sleep school we did , dd still goes to bed sometimes once or twice a week with attitude , she went through a stage like a whole month of not wanting day sleeps. I dont care she needs them.if she do...

Friday 16 May 08:32pm

Gsxrness replied to topic very emotional

Oww what ur feelkng is normal, ive got a 6 month old and a 2 and a half. She was dine not problem s, she helps me out loves her sister

Friday 16 May 08:24pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Will it hurt her?

Hey , I buy full cream milk allready made up ready to go in a carton, its cheap as like 1 dollar for a little, I keep in cupboard for those days where fresh milk is out !

Friday 16 May 08:20pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Starting Breastfeeding

Your baby does only need colostrum the first few days. Every few hours or so, try not to overfeed only feed when baby crys or lips moving because your milk has wverything and there bellie is the si...

Friday 16 May 08:08pm

Gsxrness replied to topic bad sleeper

Offer water instead of milk

Friday 16 May 08:03pm

Gsxrness replied to topic What age did your child drop day sleeps?HELP PLEASE :-/

Yer close the door in his room, take out all toys and insist he sleeps, I still insist and shes 3 and ahalf , she needs it if she does not have it she throws tantrums for hours

Monday 12 May 07:14pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Conversation & Concentration

Start family home stay or daycare , once he sees other kids doing it he will too

Sunday 11 May 07:23pm

Gsxrness started new topic cramping pains 5 months after giving birth,

Any advice ive had cramps for about a week now not sure if its because we had intercourse or something else. Docs today said urine fine but she'll get it tested anyway. No bleeding and im stil...

Saturday 10 May 08:21pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Starting routine...

We did sleep school, awake , wait till bubs hungry dont feed unless u hear hungry cry , kirsten dunstan baby launguage saved us, sleel only when tired.dont get him up if he overtired , help him by ...

Saturday 10 May 07:55pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Being a mum

hi There sounds like you need a break! ya do need variety in life with anything really try and have some time out and it will make you miss your kids and love them even more! ps My friend just los...

Wednesday 31 July 09:37pm

Gsxrness replied to topic I need a sleep consultant...anyone know of any?

maybe just except that you need to sleep in the room on the matress on the floor. For a while anyway until your buba feels comfortable I took my baby to sleep school cry it out method does not work...

Friday 19 July 09:16pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Desperate for some advice - 6 month old CONSTANTLY UNSETTLED

hello there I had some really unsettled times for a long time with my daughter I used infants friend which saved the day everyday before and after feeds if he is only feeding for short periods he m...

Wednesday 17 July 10:03pm

Gsxrness replied to topic unhappy mum and baby

hi there my dd was breastfed for 10 months the first 3 months are the hardest , she would cry for a feed or cry when unsettled I didn't know what it was I overfed her , and underfed and was ...

Thursday 13 June 09:15pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Cluster feeding through the night

hello sorry to hear its hard at the moment. It is very hard to wake a newborn baby like nearly impossible lol I don't think there is much you can do about the frequent waking at night try expr...

Monday 06 May 09:05pm

Gsxrness started new topic Morning Sickness

Hi all Im due to meet my buba on the 24th of november and was wondering if anyone else has to eat all the time due to sickness? Im like eating all dam day feel like a machine lol I had a big bowl o...

Thursday 11 April 09:13pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Am I being unreasonable?!

no your being a normal mum My buba is 18 months and she has never stayed overnight away from home home is her bed its what she knows a day trip is hard enough for them and as you said it there tire...

Thursday 11 April 09:02pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Fussy on the breast - whats going on?!

I breastfeed for ten months straight no formula! This is normal Growth spurts and fussy periods at six weeks and three months heaps of feeding and crying while feeding lol its normal it will pass...

Wednesday 10 April 09:51pm

Gsxrness replied to topic Anyone pregnant and going to work asap after bub appears?

Hi there and congratulations! what ever decision you make Im sure things will work out fine! You know parents love to help out and you mentioned that parents dont want to hear a screaming baby we...

Wednesday 10 April 09:41pm

Gsxrness replied to topic 14/15 mth old dramas

hi There wow some great advice I think I will roll with this My bubs is 17 months old now and sometimes she tests the waters too I always say lets hop into the food chair and once the eating is o...

Sunday 07 April 09:17pm

Gsxrness replied to topic unsettled baby

Hi there I have not read all the replies however my buba had a very short tongue and had problems latching! I would recommend doing the snip of the tongue now it wont hurt your buba if you do it no...

Thursday 21 March 10:57pm
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