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August Facebook *Secret* Group

Hi congratulations! if you want to join the August facebook group post your email or facebook det...

16 replies

Email invites sent.


How do I prepare for the baby.

Hi there. I just got the reports back. I am pregnant. I just got married. We weren't activel...

1 reply

Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy! You can track your baby's progress with our handy weekly tracker here: https://w...


Partner does not seem to want to be involved?

Hi, I'm 10 weeks pregnant with surprise baby #1. It's not that my partner isn't s...

2 replies

I understand your situation. At this time its a very difficult situation for you. But don't worry everything will be Good. Good...


How to get a phone number with area code 925

Trying get a area code 925 number that called this phone possibly 2-3 months ago

2 replies

thanks for answer


Anyone buy a used car from a dealership before?

How was the interest rate? How old was the car? Experience? I know risk is higher .: bank charge...

1 reply

Well it all depends on the car model. For instance I bought Audi A3 2009 for $9k. It was the best deal that I have ever had with a ...