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Hi need advice asap giong insane for baby??

Hello in short i am now updateing this post and confirming i am officially PREGNANT) 2 to 4 wks b...

12 replies

haha, this just made my day.I was thinking about you today when I woke up.Believe it or not, I was.Like how you and I are the same.Y...

Minnie Mouse x

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Hello, I just wanted to share some of my early pregnancy signs as I am a mother of a 5 year old w...

8 replies

Hey, Minnie, I read your whole post. It’s an obvious sign of pregnancy that you get. Means every woman feels like that when she miss...


Next IVF?

Is it too early to be planning next IVF? My little girl is seven months as of feb 28. I want to c...

11 replies

Congratulations on having a baby. I hope you and the little one are doing great. A piece of advice would be that no it is not early....


14 weeks

Hey all this is my first post. I am 14 weeks pregnant. Post your due date below or comment below

5 replies

Hi there! This is definitely a fun post. Sadly, I am not able to conceive. I do not have a uterus. I lost it to cancerous polyps. Ho...



Hello there people! I just wanna get a piece of advice here. I have a 7 months daughter. I had he...

9 replies

I think you should go for it. As by the time your second child is born the first one would be easy to manage and would have grown up...



Now i'm married for second time at the age of 43. Surrogacy is the best solution for women w...

9 replies

hey! hope you doing fine. Sorry for your loss. I had 3 miscarriages after that I was not able to conceive. I was so disappointed. I ...


I'm so effing excited! Wohoo!

Hey, everyone! How are you all holding up? Well, I just got from my clinic in Ukraine. They have ...

3 replies

Dear Sarah first accepts my heartiest felicitations on this great news. You are really lucky to have the most desired blessing of yo...


Pronunciation of my sons name

Wanted opinions to see how people would pronounce the name Leland?

2 replies

That's how I would pronounce it also. How did you choose that name?