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Baby Swimming Lessons from 4 Months

Swimming, a skill that proves to be a life saver at the same time a healthy activity to keep your...

2 replies

Member947642 wrote: Baby below 5 should not allow for swimming. My doctor also reccomended to start from 5-6 months


April Babies 2020 Facebook Group

Hi ladies! Those of you wanting to join a secret FB group, add me on Facebook and send me a messa...

3 replies

You can make your website more innovative and interesting to attract people on your site so you can read webhostnews blogs, facts ne...


Any NZ mamas here?

I’m keen to join a Facebook group for kiwi mamas due in April 2020 if there is one out there, or ...

2 replies

I made an NZ group


April 2020 NZ

Hi! I've made a Facebook group for NZ mamas due in April 2020. It's currently set to Cl...

1 reply

Thank you ????


Normal HCG levels?

I've just had my most recent blood results back and my HCG level was at 54 this was 4 weeks ...

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Hi! From what I understand, the number itself doesn't really matter so much, just that it's doubling every 48 hours. Good ...