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could i be expecting twins

Hi, I am feeling worse nausea than for the one I lost. I am also getting big. Don't think ...

10 replies

had to do internal as was feeling too sick for amount of liquid needed to be drunk. Got report back from Dr today. Said can defini...


pregnancy after miscarriage

Hello all. I need your advice or opinion. back story: I have 3 girls and one son, all under 8....

2 replies

Thanks for your reply. So yesterday, blood test showed 418 hcg and ultrasound was not conclusive as he said he could not be confide...


Calling your GP

Hey everyone, I have just found out I am pregnant with my first. Just wondering, when calling you...

5 replies

if receptionist ask from you to why you want to meet with doctor then its not necessary to disclose with them only say that you come...


Bleeding and cramps

Hello I have a very regular period. Im due in 4 days but started light pink bleeding yesterday wi...

2 replies

Its not light pink anymore and quite abundant. So I guess no luck this month


When should I see a doctor for a possible missed miscarriage

I am completely new to all this, and trying to figure out what to do, would appreciate any advice...

3 replies

Also, I've created a secret facebook group for mothers due in June 2018. If you would like to join, just let me know your email...


New facebook group for bubs due in June 2018

Hello lovelies! I have created a Facebook secret group for mums due in june. It's called ...

3 replies

Mmmm I couldn't find it in the search are you able to add me as well? In my photo I'm wearing a SWAT hat with my partner


Huggies Ultimate vs Huggies PH5.5 skin friendly

Just wondering if the Huggies PH5.5 natural diapers available in Australia. If so, where to buy. ...

1 reply

Hi there I've just asked our Customer Service Team about whether the PH5.5 natural nappies are available in Australia. I'...