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Unisex nappies with trusted Huggies® absorbency - up to 12 hours protection.
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Available in Bulk.
Size 1
Up to 5kg
Size 2
4 - 8kg
Size 3
6 - 11kg
Size 4
10 - 15kg
Size 5
15 - 18kg
Size 6

Features You’ll Love

Just like your little ones

Up to 12 Hours of Leakage Protection

Trusted Huggies® absorbency to help keep your baby dry.

Super absorbency with Leak Lock® System

Quickly draws moisture away and locks it into the core.

Wetness Indicator

Our colour-changing wetness indicator lets you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed.

The Huggies Difference
No Added Nasties^

Crafted with simply the best, our nappies have ^no added formaldehyde, elemental chlorine, natural rubber latex or other chemicals restricted by Kimberly-Clark.

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Huggies Tiniest Footprint™

Together, let’s leave the tiniest footprint.

Every day we take steps toward total sustainability. We’ve made it our mission to leave the tiniest footprint and promise a better planet for tomorrow.

For the little ones of today.

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