Huggies Pull-Ups are an important part of toilet training your toddler, helping your child recognise and learn when they are wet or dry and the associated need to go to the toilet.

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Toilet Training Toolbox

When should I start? How will I know when my child is ready? There are so many questions when it comes to toilet training. That’s why, you’ll find in this toolbox, some of the essentials for you and your child for the toilet training process.

  1. Pull-Ups Sample Request

    sample request sample request

    Order your free Pull-Ups Training Pants today! Show them how they look and feel more like undies and are not bulky like nappies. With Wetness Liner and Re-sealable Easy-open sides.

  2. Toilet Training Starter Kit

    starter kit starter kit

    Join the school of toilet training to receive your own starter kit including a Pull-Ups sample, stickers and a fun reward chart.

  3. Toilet Training Guide

    toilet training guide toilet training guide

    Pull-Ups Toilet Training Guide is a guide designed to help you and your child during toilet training. Included in the guide is a Wall Chart and colourful stickers to keep your child motivated throughout the process.

  4. Toddler Videos

    tvc tvc

    You’ll find some great videos on how to manage your toddler’s development

  5. Look out for the Signs of Readiness

    are you ready are you ready

    Toilet training can only begin when your child is ready. If they start to show at least two or three of the physical, emotional, and mental signs of readiness, then it's probably time to start thinking about toilet training.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    faq faq

    You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about toilet training and Pull-Ups training pants.

Pull-Ups Nappies

Huggies Pull-Ups Toilet Training Pants:

  • Are the only product that has been designed for the toilet training stage of development
  • Are specifically designed to teach your child
  • Contain exciting learning signals
  • Come with online information and guides
  • Support you through your exciting transition into Big Kid status!

Enrol today in the NEW School of Toilet Training for FREE and receive:

  • A free Pull-Ups sample, delivered to you in the mail
  • Downloadable Toilet Training Guide by expert Dr Cathrine
  • A 6 week email series that gets you prepared and underway
  • Access to hundreds of mums via the Toilet Training Forum to help troubleshoot any issues
  • Got toilet training questions? No problem we can help in our FAQs area

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Why Pull-Ups are Different

Pull-Ups have been designed with your little learner in mind:

  • Learning wet from dry

    Resealable easy-open sides

    HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants have easy to open, resealable sides, so you can slip them on and off then roll-up and dispose.

  • Stress free little accidents

    Learning wet from dry

    HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants have a learning liner that helps children understand the difference between wet and dry. The tailored liner allows the feeling of wetness for a few moments, before drawing the moisture away.

  • Absorbency for boys & girls

    Learning for boys & girls

    Absorbency needs are different for boys and girls. HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants provide absorbency where they need it most.

  • Inspiring your child to be a 'Big Kid

    Easy to pull up and down

    HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®Toilet Training Pants are soft, thin and stretchy, for kids to learn the ups and downs, just like real undies.

  • Stay dry

    Absorbency based on learning stage

    HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants for Trainers are designed to have just enough absorbency to catch any little accidents.

Toilet Training Lesson Plan

  1. Are you ready?
  2. Your School Kit
  3. Roll Call
  4. Head of Class
  5. Graduation