A BIG step forward to reducing waste and creating a brighter future for you, baby!

Huggies Nappy Loop recycling trial is a BIG step forward in our fight to reduce the amount of disposable waste entering landfill. We’re working on turning used nappies into nutrient-rich compost and renewable bioenergy. With hopes to create a cleaner, waste-free world - your future is looking bright, baby.

How Nappies become Nutrients...

From collection to compost – here’s how our Nappy Loop recycling process has the potential to create a great result for our planet’s bottom line.



You can see a simple summary of The Nappy Loop process in the video /infographic above.
“Anaerobic digestion is an increasingly common process to break down organic waste. Little microbes break down the organic matter, such as wastewater and food waste - and the result is nutrient-rich compost.”
The organic matter consists of pulp, pee and poo. That’s pretty much it!
Our goal is to recycle every single bit of the nappy. We are turning the organics (pulp, pee and poo) into nutrient rich compost. As for the plastic, this is separated at the start of the process and work is underway find a circular solution for this element.
For now we are focused on tackling the nappy waste issue, but we do plan to look at recycling wipes in the future. Until then, we are also focused on reducing the plastic content in our baby wipes, and have already introduced a plastic free, 100% biodegradable option to the market.
For now, we are focusing on collection from early learning centres and scaling this solution nationally - but collecting nappies kerbside would really be the ultimate. We’re working on it!