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13SICK, National Home Doctor Service

What do you do when you or a loved one becomes ill at night or on the weekend, when GP Practices are closed? It may be that you’ve come down with a mystery virus, or your baby has a really nasty cough, or an elderly relative has had a fall and needs to see a doctor.

It’s not an emergency, but you need to see a doctor, and it can’t wait.

When faced with these common situations, the vast majority of people (especially parents with small children) would go to the hospital Emergency Department and wait. But there is an alternative.

In most cities and regional centres around Australia, you can call or click 13SICK for bulk billed home doctor visit. The Doctor comes to your home to provide medical treatment and alleviate some of the anxiety and worry associated with illness in the after hours.

For many parents 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service may be the best kept secret of our health care system.


The next time you or someone in the family is sick at night or on the weekend and your GP is closed, book a home doctor visit at 13SICK.com.au, call 13SICK (that’s 13 7425) or download the 13SICK App – just search ‘13SICK’ in your App store.

  • A doctor will visit you at home
  • The visit is 100% bulk-billed
  • The doctor can provide a starter pack of medication if needed
  • A report will be sent to your GP the next day so they are kept informed

Dr Natalie Caristo, GP and Medical Director at 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service said: “Parents are often not aware of the options available when someone in the family is sick at night or on the weekend. Our hospitals do a great job of treating real emergencies, but patients filling emergency waiting rooms with non-critical conditions make it more challenging for doctors and nurses to be able to treat the most critical patients.

“Home doctor visits – are a crucial part of the mix of treatment options as they occupy the gap between your GP and the ED after hours. When you need a Doctor urgently but you may not be sick enough to need to go to the Emergency Department.”

“With the largest network in Australia, on a given Sunday, we will have 800 doctors on the road seeing patients in communities from Bondi in Sydney to Cottesloe in Perth.”

Sydney mother and registered nurse Emma Page commented: “As a registered nurse, I see first-hand the pressure Emergency Departments are under. 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service is provides a high quality patient care, in the after hours when regular GPs are closed. The service works as an extension of your local GP – they even send a report to your GP then next day. This service is a godsend for young families.”