Government Departments

Looking out for families in general and kids in particular is priority for government departments in our part of the world.
If you’re a first-time mum or dad, you may be very surprised to find how much support there is from government departments. Even the taxman is on your side! Aussie and kiwi government departments provide a huge range of parenting resources and services, from free antenatal care to free health checks for newborns, from childcare rebates to tax concessions. There are many government departments out there to help you with parenting and to ease the burden on your hip pocket.


Commonwealth Child Care Support

You’ve probably heard that daycare centres and nannies all cost a fortune, but did you know you could probably claim back a chunk of the money you spend on childcare? If you’re a single working parent, your rebate is especially healthy. Visit this government department’s website to find out what you’re eligible for and how to go about claiming.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

This website offer a wealth of useful information and resources for parents, including a whole section on the new Office of Early Childhood Education and Child Care. There’s also a section on reforms, policies, news and other info on schooling in Australia. If you are looking for information about education and workplace training, transition to work and conditions and values in the workplace, then this site has what you are looking for.

Family Assistance Office

This is a one-stop shop to get all the government payments you may be eligible for. There are Family Assistance Offices set up in Medicare and
Centrelink Customer Service Centres across the country, offering a range of payments to help you with your work and family responsibilities.

Child Support Agency Australia

If you’re separated from your child’s other parent, this government agency will help you work out child support payments and ensure money is transferred for the benefit of the child. There’s loads of useful stuff on their website, including payment estimators, simple legal explanations of responsibilities, coping strategies for separating mums and dads, books to explain the impact on children, and lots more.

Australian Human Rights Commission

If you think you’re getting a hard time or not receiving a fair go because of your race, religion, gender or work status, then this is the government department that can assist you. Come here to find out about your basic human rights, your rights at work, equal opportunities for women in the workplace, and lots more.

NSW Government Community Parenting

Community Services (formerly called DoCS) is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of children and teenagers. They offer a huge range of resources for parents and kids, ranging from programs for preventing child abuse through to advice on fostering and adoption, to dealing with family violence.

NSW Parenting Centre

New Zealand

New Zealand has three key government departments that are especially helpful for parents and kids.

NZ Ministry of Health

This government department covers a comprehensive range of health topics, from A to Z, and provides loads of other detailed information on issues relevant to the wellbeing of families. There have all the latest health news feeds and a calendar of events.

Department of Labour

Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about parental leave and the legal entitlements for biological and adoptive parents, self-employed mothers and fathers, plus information for employers.

Inland Revenue

Tax and child support payments can be very confusing and a bit scary, too. Use this government department website to find out what you’re entitled to, work out how much you should be getting – including child support and family tax credits.