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Kids Beach Games

Most kids love a great day out at the beach and will usually find their own way to have fun. Some kids might need more entertaining than just splashing around, collecting pretty shells or building sand castles. Luckily, there is a wide variety of kid’s beach games that you can play with your children, or that they can play with other kids. Any games near the water should be very closely supervised. Here are some great kid’s beach games you can get your little ones to enjoy on their sandy playground.

Battle against the sea

This game is simple however, it might entail you getting a little wet, but it’s all in the name of fun. What you need to do is set up a position on the beach, close to the ocean. Then tell your child that it is their duty to stop the ocean getting you wet. Get them to build a fortress of sand to protect you with a moat beyond that. Depending on the age and enthusiasm of your child, you may need to have some rules about what can be used (sand, shells, seaweed) and what can’t (the shade shelter, the bags, the esky or the towels). This will teach your child about how ocean waves are affected by the tides, and how powerful and unpredictable the ocean can be.

Treasure Hunt

Now this game might need some planning and forward thinking, but it’s all worth it as it is heaps of fun. Before a visit to the beach, head down to your local discount dollar store and see if you can find a chest of some kind (one resembling a pirates chest would be best), if you can’t, any kind of seal-able container will work. Fill the chest with all sorts of toys that will be fun at the beach, from water pistols to buckets and spades. Bury the chest somewhere in the vicinity that you will be sitting on the beach. You can either draw a map to the chest’s location or give the kids clues as to where the chest is and watch your little ones scour the beach in search of lost treasure. Following a map will teach direction, and if your trip is a group beach visit your child will learn about the importance of team work.

Fantastic Frisbee

If your child is coordinated enough to properly throw a Frisbee then you can have a real blast with one on the beach. The easy thing to do is simply throw the Frisbee to your child and watch as he tries to get it back to you. If you want to make things a little more expansive, you can setup targets to hit, like plastic water bottles and buckets and see how many your child can hit. If your toddler or bub is still too young then they might enjoy being piggy in the middle while mum and dad have fun with the Frisbee!

Build a sandman

We are blessed with some great weather in Australia. Unfortunately, this means that we don’t get to indulge in too many snow based activities, like building snowmen for example. The good news is we can build our very own sandman (a snowman built out of sand) on the beach. Build the body out of sand and use shells and rocks for the buttons of the coat and the eyes of your sandman, pieces of driftwood for the arms and some seaweed as a scarf.

Don’t feel under pressure to organise kid’s games on the beach, some of the most fun beach games just start by themselves. Be around to keep an eye on things and maybe give a suggestion here and there to keep the fun going all day long. Even games like a simple ‘I spy’ can be quite fun for little ones at the activity filled beach.

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