having kids changes you

Our mums discuss their own experiences about how having a baby impacted them. And with older and younger mums on the couch, we hear what it was like for them to become mothers. Is it any different?

Having kids changes you

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Melissa Bell, had her first baby at 24 and felt that her body was able to cope well with a pregnancy and recovered well. With the first and her subsequent 2 pregnancies she has had to have a caesarean and has found that it’s a little harder to cope each time.

Having a child later in life is different according to Alyssa Jane Cook, who is expecting her third child. With an 8 year gap after her second child, she is aware that her pregnancy is different this time around. Although all of the girls agree that childbirth hurts just the same whether you are young or old.

No matter what your age, everything changes once your baby arrives. Alison Osbourne, suggests that some women grieve the loss of their freedom, financial independence, career and that motherhood can take a bit of getting used to and new mums may not get the feeling of instant gratification they thought they would. The girls share their thoughts on how unequal the parenting roles are in today’s modern society and use the example of a father jumping into the shower without a second thought and yet a mother checking with her partner that he would care for the baby for the brief time she was in the shower. Discuss the topic of inequality in parenting now in the Huggies Forum.

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