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All mums love to share birth stories and today is no exception. Alyssa-Jane Cook is expecting her third baby in a few weeks and doesn’t have any firm plans for this delivery. She knows all too well that each labour and birth can be completely different if her last 2 births are anything to go by. Strangely, the thing she remembers from both of them was that they hurt, a lot!

Birth stories

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Sue Hodges, mum of 2 children, shares her experience of having to have caesarean births and things not going according to plan. After having a trial labour for her second baby her doctor recommended a caesarean delivery as her labour was not progressing. Following her operation she was left with the painful complication of a bladder tear as a result of the surgery. As a result she is now quite passionate about encouraging women to deliver naturally if possible.

Despite her best intentions of having a completely natural and drug free delivery, Karen Fischer recognises that your best laid plans can go out the window when you are actually in labour.

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