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Natural vs caesarean birth

What advice would a GP give to a mum deciding between a caesarean and natural birth? And what about birth plans? We know we all need to have a one, but does anyone really stick to it? The girls share a joke that perhaps we should write our birth plans after we’ve had the baby and then they may be slightly realistic.

Natural vs caesarean birth

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Dr Martine Walker reminds us that we can all have our ideal plan for how we would like to deliver our children, but the outcome that we all want is to have a healthy baby. The reason why we have such low infant and maternal mortality rates, she says, is because of the superb emergency health care we have available to us when having our babies.

The mum’s on the couch share their experiences of birth. Sue Hodges bladder tear is used as an example of why you would try to avoid a caesarean delivery where possible. She felt it not only affected her recovery after the birth, but also her feeding and bonding with her baby. Dr Martine Walker reaffirms that the ideal outcome is a vaginal delivery if you can achieve it, but there are many reasons why this may not be possible.

Alyssa-Jane Cook is concerned that her third baby, due in 7 weeks, is still in the breech position and she may be faced with having a caesarean, which has not been part of her plan.

Rachel has had 2 caesarean deliveries, and felt one was a good experience and the other bad. The girls identify that they often feel like they have to justify their deliveries to friends and are often judged and made to feel like they have failed in some way.

Sue reinforces a common theme from Mums & Bubs, let’s support each other as mothers and women and celebrate our differences.

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