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the baby blues and postnatal depression

Dr Martine Walker emphasises that the ‘baby blues’ are perfectly normal and are due to the massive hormonal changes that occur after the birth of your baby. New mums may feel teary and low for around 24 hours or perhaps a few days but this passes and as Sheryl Sidery says can sometimes be beneficial. A mum suffering from postnatal depression will not feel the passing of this phase.

The baby blues and postnatal depression

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So where does a mothers group fit into the picture for a new mum? Sheryl thinks that a mothers group where you are forming friendships and gaining support from like minded women is vital for women. Lisa Gould, who is a PND survivor, can see both the benefits and the pressure a mother’s group can place on a new mum. She recalls thinking how all the other mums were coping and she wasn’t.

Kelly Schofield, another mum who has suffered from PND, felt disappointed by her experience of mothers group as every one chatted about the superficial day to day activities of their babies and no one really asked each other about how they were really coping, so the real support that she sought wasn’t offered.

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