your relationship after baby

A baby is one of life’s greatest joys for new parents, but it can also put a great strain on the relationship. In today’s show, we discuss how your priorities and your relationship with your partner changes after having a baby. Lea Wilson remembers going out for dinner 3 nights a week, going to the movies at the last minute and generally having fun together. Sleep deprivation can really take its toll on a relationship. Lea can attest to this as she turns into a ‘witch’ without getting a good sleep and it was very hard for the first few months after the birth of her first baby. It was through the mutual love and adoration of their son that she and her husband reconnected.

Your relationship after baby

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Rachel reflects on the fact that everyone wants to tell you how your life will change in terms of lack of sleep and feeling tired, but nobody warned her that a new baby would have such an impact on her relationship with her husband Stuart.

Lochie and Karina Daddo had been married for 6 years before having Daisy, now 2 years old, and felt that it was the next and natural step in their relationship. However they were unprepared for how the dynamic changes from living quite a selfish life to living a life that is all about the baby. Lochie looked on it as you can either embrace it or you can fight it and mourn for your past life.

Lea suggests that it’s possible to go a step too far and not concentrate on each other at all. Parenting can take so much out of you that there is nothing left to give to your partner. Time to your self seems like a good answer, but of course this gets harder to find with the more kids that you have.

Alison Osbourne suggests that we should be open with each other and don’t expect your partner to read your mind.

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