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Mother’s groups are a great way for our children to make friends their own age, to help develop their social skills. The reality is they are actually a great way for socialising a new mum and they can be a great source of support. But what happens when mother’s group doesn’t go as well as expected and you meet up with some very competitive mums who compare the milestones of their child with others? Tracey Corbin-Matchett, mum of two, recalls feeling like she had done something wrong and it was her fault when her babies didn’t meet the expectations of other mum’s in the group. This can be very detrimental to a new mum’s self esteem.

Mothers groups

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It’s important to surround your self with positive relationships and find like minded people in the group that you can interact with and gain support. Sophie Faulkner, celebrity mum, found that out of the 20 new mums in her mother’s group she really only connected with a few and sought their company at smaller gatherings. She also feels that mothers are very judgemental of each other and we should really give each other a break and try to be more understanding of another mum’s situation.

There are lot’s of ways to socialise your baby such as play group, baby gym classes, swimming lessons, music groups. You can gain lots of information about activities in your local community at your Early Childhood or Plunket centre.

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