Packing for family holiday

Packing to go on holiday is no longer as easy as throwing a few t-shirts and a pair of swimmers in at the last minute. It can help to create a list in the weeks leading up to your departure date to ensure that you don’t forget anything. We’ve put together some ideas to help you with your packing.

Essential Items

  • Sunscreen and hats for everyone
  • Stroller
  • Lots of nappies, wipes, washcloths and disposable change mats
  • Bubs favourite toys, books and blanket
  • Extra dummy
  • Formula, food and water
  • Any feeding equipment you might need for the journey (bibs, spoons, wipes, beakers)
  • Camera and video camera

Basic First Aid Kit

St John ambulance has great first aid kits for the home and special travel versions. You can buy one of theirs or put your own together with the following suggested items.

  • Band Aids
  • SPF 30 + high protection sun screen
  • Calamine lotion for itchy bites as well as sunburn
  • Antiseptic cream or spray
  • Children’s Paracetamol
  • Thermometer
  • Insect repellent
  • Tweezers for removing splinters and thorns

It’s also a good idea to have the following written down in case of a medical emergency:

  • Phone number for an ambulance at your destination
  • Phone number and address of the hospital nearest to where you’re staying
  • Phone number of your hotel or accommodation provider who may be able to help in an emergency

Toys, books and other vital distractions

A good supply of toys and books will make the journey to and from your holiday destination a lot easier. Take a mix of toys they love and a good stash of new surprises. These don’t need to be expensive. Things you may like to pack into the toy bag are:

  • Favourite soft toy; hopefully it’s big enough to double as a pillow too
  • Stacking blocks for the little ones and Lego for the older kids; it’s not a disaster if you lose a few
  • Hand puppets; you can use these to create stories
  • Drawing and colouring supplies; washable markers and twist top crayons are handy; plain paper and a colouring in book
  • Reusable stickers and sticker books
  • Favourite books and a few new ones
  • Hand held video games
  • Magna Doodle or Etch a Sketch
  • Snap cards
  • Magnetic travel games for the older kids
  • Record their favourite music or story CD’s onto your iPod or MP3 player and let them listen to music and stories
  • Small size doll or action figure
  • Small tub of play dough
  • Books with jigsaw puzzles inside them

For more information see Travel with kids or Parenting .

15/09/21 - min Read

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