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Make up tricks

Make up tricks for time poor mums

Whether you’re pregnant, a new mum, or a mum to a few little ones, it often seems simpler to skip putting on any make-up in order to save time and energy during the day. For many mums, applying some make-up is a positive way to help them feel better about themselves, especially at a time when the large proportion of their lives is devoted solely to caring for others. So what are some simple tips and tricks?

According to Ida Niedrich, a beauty industry expert with over 20 years experience, the first thing is having the energy and motivation to take the time to put some make-up on. Her advice is simple and honest: “Make up is often about confidence, that’s why so many people use it. At a time when your energies are elsewhere, this is an easy investment in yourself which will go a long way to making you feel better about yourself.”

So here is a very simple make-up routine for mums. It can be used in sequence, or you can choose the steps that suit you best.

Before you begin your make-up routine it is helpful to have a skincare regime in place. You can read our guide to it here. If you’re a mum on the run however, a great way to complete your cleansing and toning is by using the Huggies unscented wipes on your face. Simply wipe them gently all over your face and eyes and they will act as a good primer before putting your make-up on.

Tired eyes are a common problem for mums, and in order to combat it Niedrich says to skip the concealer, and to instead use an illuminator. Concealers tend to be dry, heavy and matter. According to Niedrich: “Mums need a light formula that will bring luminosity to the eye area. It will be much more moisturising as well. It takes seconds to apply and is great for lightening the area.”

While many mums like to use foundation as well, it isn’t always necessary. Niedrich suggests diluting your foundation to half your usual amount with moisturizer for a lighter look. This will also be gentler on your skin.

Blush is excellent for adding some colour and can be used without applying foundation. “If you’re feeling tired, a blush will bring light and brighten the complexion when you’re feeling worn out,” adds Niedrich. And while bronzers are all the rage at present, new mums will find blush most effective because they brighten your skin.

Mascara is great for awakening your eyes. However, your lashes are often fragile after pregnancy, so Niedrich warns that it is vital to remember to remove it properly if you choose to wear it.

Lipstick is a great way to add a splash of colour, but don’t forget you will be spending lots of time kissing your bub. So it is important to choose one that is suitable for their sensitive little skin as well. Niedrich suggests a practical solution is to use either a baby cream, or even a nipple cream to keep your lips moist and glossy instead.

Some other practical suggestions to aid your overall look is to consider spending money on both your eyebrows and hair. A long-term investment is a visit to an eyebrow expert. Having eyebrows that are properly shaped can make a great deal of difference to your facial features, and it can add an instant uplift. Get them to shape your brows professionally and take a close up photo of it. Use that as your guide to maintain it at home for a few months.

If you are pregnant, invest in a haircut that is low maintenance and a colour that is close to your original one. Most mums will agree how time poor they are, especially in the first few months and it can be expensive and a huge dip into your time if you are constantly in need of regrowth touch ups.

Finally, an easy pick me up to ensure you feel groomed is a manicure. You can find the link to a DIY guide here. Your fingernails and hands are the most visible part of you and spending a couple of minutes with a nail file and moisturizer is an easy way to look after your hands and the overall maintenance of your appearance.

Motherhood and make-up are two terms that sometimes don’t always go together. However, there is no doubt a few minutes applying some make-up is a fantastic and easy way to help you feel better about your appearance and yourself as well.