Baby shower ideas

Baby shower gifts

If you’re looking for baby shower ideas, then you’re probably either a member of the family or a close friend or workmate of the new pregnant mum. That means you’ll have a pretty good idea of their likes and dislikes. This information is a good starting point for coming up with a theme – and having a theme makes it easier to come up with baby shower ideas that will make the event extra special, fun and memorable.

For example, if the new parents are creative types, the theme could be artistic. Think hand-painted baby shower invitations and decorations, party favours, and a bohemian-style supper. Follow through with artistic activities such as newspaper crafts, finger painting portraits, or making silly costumes from crepe paper.

Is the new mum a princess or a bit of a diva? Then chances are she’d love a royal baby shower gala complete with a regally worded invitation, a banquet fit for a King, a throne for the ‘Queen Mother’, and a mock coronation.

If that all sounds too hard or over the top, then go for something simple. Consider a baby shower BBQ or teddy bear’s picnic in a picturesque spot, an elegant morning tea at a favourite cafe, or champagne brunch on someone’s home verandah decorated with garlands of flowers in pink or blue.

Finding inspiration for baby shower themes and ideas

  • Perhaps Mum or Dad-to-be have a hobby or job that could inspire the theme and relevant baby shower ideas
  • If baby was conceived in an interesting location such as Glastonbury Music Festival or while the parents were climbing Kilimanjaro, this could be your starting point for a baby shower theme
  • If the baby shower is for twins, consider a ‘two’ theme for baby shower ideas, such as Noah’s Ark (the animals went in two by two) or ‘Peas in a Pod’

Get the party started with these fun baby shower game ideas

As well as being a baby shower tradition, entertaining games and activities help to make all of the guests feel welcome and involved.

There are 100s of baby shower game ideas, but the best ones are usually the simplest and funniest, such as Pass the Parcel and Pin the Diaper on the Baby (a variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey). The ideas below are also proven favourites:

  • Buy onesies or baby t-shirts in various pale colours and ask guests to decorate for the baby. Provide fabric paints, rubber stamps and pads, coloured wool and embroidery needles, scissors
  • Pass out notebooks, divide guests into pairs and ask them to write down their best-of lists of favourite baby foods, games, songs and books, based on their own children or their childhood
  • For guaranteed laughs, play kids’ games like hopscotch, hula hoop, run three-legged races, egg and spoon and sack races during the baby shower
  • Buy a length of rope and re-live your childhoods by jumping rope and singing those old chants. Heavily pregnant guests can turn the rope and lead the singing

Discussing suitable baby names and their meanings for your new born can also be a fun activity.

Photos are a great baby shower idea

Make sure the baby shower is an occasion everyone will look back on and remember with a smile! A picture says 1000 words, so either appoint a photographer from amongst the guests or ask everyone to take photos, including action shots of the funniest activities and candid pics of touching moments. Present an album of the best ones to the parents as a memento of this special event. If possible, get all the guests to sign the baby shower album.