Maternity clothes

It won't be long before your clothes start to feel tight and you'll need to make the shift to maternity wear. Rest assured there are so many options for pregnant women these days! You'll be looking fabulous AND more importantly, feeling comfortable as your belly grows.

Maternity jeans

Often pregnant women think they need to stop wearing jeans. Don t despair, you won t have to give up wearing jeans you'll just need to make sure you get a pair which is specific to pregnancy.

Advances in technology mean that the materials currently being used in maternity jeans have more stretch than ever. The fabric used in maternity wear also has better recoil capabilities so that after stretching, the garment resumes its original shape.

Maternity bra

There are endless options when choosing a maternity bra. Gone are the days of ugly fabric maternity bras have been revolutionised and there's no reason why you won t be able to find a bra which fits you comfortably and provides good support.

If you always bought the same size bra since your breasts stopped growing during adolescence, you may be in for a surprise. Now more than ever it's important to be properly fitted by a bra fitting specialist. Head to a large department store, and find the fitting specialist in the lingerie section.

Maternity belly band

A belly band is an item of clothing and looks like a tube top or boob tube. It is a wide circular strip of fabric, which is seamless and knitted. They are specially designed to fit around a pregnant mother's mid-section. Made from a combination of fires such as cotton + Elastane/Spandex or Lycra, they have to be stretchy in order to stay up and also to grow with you as your pregnancy progresses.

Maternity evening wear

Just because you're pregnant doesn t exclude you from the possibility of needing to dress up in the next few months. Events could come up which demand more than just a pair of maternity jeans and a tunic top. And when they do, you'll want to feel as special as everyone else who's there. Look at stretchy fabrics for maximum comfort.

Maternity swimwear

Are you pregnant, love swimming and confused about what you could possibly wear? Pregnant women have the same rights as anyone else when it comes to enjoying their favourite water activities so don t feel you need to be excluded.

Maternity swimwear, like most other maternity wear, has undergone a revolution. This has been helped enormously by changes in the stretchability of certain fibres such as Spandex, Elastene and Lycra. This combination of qualities as well as recoil resilience and quick drying is essential when it comes to swimwear.

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