Ankle Rotation & Calf Stretch Exercise

During pregnancy there’s a good chance your ankles may swell due to fluid retention. Don’t panic – it’s a temporary condition and they should return to normal once baby is born. In the meantime, ditch the high heels and practice this ankle rotation & calf stretch to boost circulation and keep your ankle joints supple and mobile. This simple little exercise also gives your abdominals and lower body a gentle workout.


Ankle Rotation & Calf Stretch Exercise

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Ankle rotation & calf stretch exercise step by step

  • On your mat or rug, come onto all fours, with your knees directly below your hips and your hands below your shoulders, fingers spread, weight evenly distributed
  • Adjust your balance and take your right leg back, with the weight resting on the ball of your foot, and your heel aiming towards the ground. You should feel a gentle stretch in the back of your lower leg
  • Hold for a few moments and breathe deeply
  • Then lift your extended leg off the ground and rotate your ankle several times, first in one direction, then the other way
  • Then point your toes and flex your right foot, drawing your toes back towards your body
  • Bring your right leg back beside the left, then step your left leg back
  • Repeat the calf stretch and hold, continuing to take nice deep breaths
  • Then lift your leg and rotate your ankle several times
  • Point and flex your left foot, drawing your toes back towards your body
  • Repeat once or twice more on each leg

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