Wiping and hand washing

Wiping and hand washing

Teaching Kids to Wipe

Gaining independence in the bathroom is an important milestone for young children. It?s a skill that we need to teach kids and it can take a while for them to get the hang of things. Even when they are independent in the bathroom it?s important to remember that little accidents like dirty underwear are normal.

Getting kids to wipe themselves clean can be a bit of a challenge, and learning how much toilet paper to use is something we need to teach them too.

The early stages of toilet training are very much about you helping your child wipe themselves clean. It is important that children start to understand that after doing a number two they need to wipe themselves clean. Teaching kids to wipe is made a whole lot easier with Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Wipes for Kids. The pre-moistened wipes help little hands clean their bottoms more effectively.

Gentle and soft, they?re comforting for bottoms accustomed to baby wipes, yet they?re safe to flush. The Kleenex Cottonelle Kids? wipes are easy for little fingers to access from the pop up plastic container, and they only dispense one at a time.

A good way to get them started is to have them look at the wipe each time they wipe themselves, and to continue doing so until they have a clean wipe. Teach them to put their dirty wipes into the toilet bowl and demonstrate how to flush the toilet on their own. Always remind them to wash and dry their hands afterwards too!

The more you let them practice themselves, the better they will become at learning this new skill. Once you think your little one has mastered the technique of wiping until they are clean, consider moving them from the Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes and onto Kleenex Cottonelle Stop and Tear toilet paper.

Toilet paper brings with it a whole new challenge of how much should be used and how much is too much. Kids tend to lose track of just how much toilet paper will be enough. It is said that kids use an average of 8 sheets for a #1 and 16 for a #2! The Stop and Tear toilet paper was designed with kids in mind and has cute puppy prints to indicate when a child has reached the right spot to stop and tear the paper.

Once your child is at the age where they can count, show them how to count the squares and tear off a reasonable amount each time they go to wipe.

If you?re keen to get your child straight on to toilet paper, take some time to teach your child about toilet paper usage and make sure they start with a soft toilet tissue like Kleenex Cottonelle.