Potty Toilet Training

Potty or Seat?

Firstly, decide if the potty or toilet seat is right for your child. Then, finding the right potty for your child is an important factor in them actually sitting on and using the potty. Don t forget the other toilet training products available.

If you think it's time to start potty training your toddler, don t just rush out and buy a potty before thinking about it. Consider these handy tips for parents to make the most from your potty purchase.

Forget Guesswork and Let Them Choose

To begin with, you must realise that toilet training is all about your child, not yourself. Don t refrain from getting a potty that your child wants because it doesn t match the drapes. This is their time to shine so make sure you let them find something that they'll love to kick off their toilet training with.

In fact, try to engage your toddler in this process as much as you possibly can. One of the most exciting things for a young toddler is when you take them out to the shops, but this time it's not for lollies or toys, it's to get them to choose a potty that will make them actually want to sit on.

Advantages of Using a Potty

  • Smaller potties are portable for when you are out and about, generally in the car or visiting family and friends. Not a good look walking into the local shopping centre with a potty in hand
  • Generally small and lower, making it easy for your toddler to hop on and off
  • Great colours and designs which would be more appealing to your toddler than the traditional toilet and gives them involvement and ownership
  • The potty is mobile, your toddler is not always constrained to using it in the bathroom. Keep in mind whether you actually want them using the potty in your living room?

Disadvantages of Using a Potty

  • You have to empty and clean it, every time it gets used. If you are squeamish about these things, this might not be for you. Some potties include bags and ways to clean up more easily.
  • Your child might want to use in their play area and after a while this could get unhygienic, also does not facilitate the process of washing hands afterwards easily
  • It is made of plastic and will eventually end up on the dump. Second hand potties do not sell well on eBay for some reason
  • You may end up buying a toilet seat anyway

Before You Buy

Involve them in the decision

Make them feel special by telling them you want them to choose a potty. This will help eliminate any potential frustration you may get by bringing home a potty that they don t take to well.

Colours, design and other features of a potty may all contribute to how your toddler reacts to using it, so by letting them select the one that they want you can t go wrong!

Key Potty Features to Consider:

  • It should be large enough for your child to sit comfortably on by themselves, potentially for quite a long time
  • Make sure they can climb on and off easily and is stable
  • The simplest potties are generally made of plastic and will be lightweight with no additional parts. These can be cumbersome when emptying contents into the toilet, but they have the advantage of being smaller and more portable for outings etc. Decide on your needs.
  • Evaluate the features such as music or sounds and think about what your child will respond to
  • Bright colours and shapes are generally a winner
  • Will you be able to customise it or decorate it with your toddler?

Get Creative

To take it a step further, and while you and your child are still out and about, find a newsagency or two dollar shop that sells a bunch of different stickers. Don t be afraid to let your child get creative with this and use other things like glitter, paints or even coloured markers.

Get your toddler excited about decorating their very own potty. Simply take an hour or so to sit down with them and make it a fun experience, write their name on it, stick stickers on it and make it more colourful if you can. Once the both of you are done, they will be very interested in what to actually do with it.

And When You're Out and About?

For now, maybe just stick to a regular potty to get them going, but soon after you may want to consider a travel potty too, depending on which potty you have bought.

A travel potty is the best way to reinforce the toilet training process while you're on the go. There are different variations of travel potties on the market, but one of the most popular styles includes super absorbent liners that sit within the potty. These act similar to a bin bag, just tie them up and throw the mess away!

If you've got yourself a potty, now it's time to learn how to toilet train.

16/09/21 - min Read

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