Preparation for Toilet

Are you ready? Things to do before the big day

Preparation is key, so it's important for you to make sure you're ready for the start of toilet training when your child is. Here are a bunch of things to consider:

  • Open bathroom policy: You're probably used to having zero privacy with a toddler around. Take the opportunity to turn this into a learning experience when you visit the loo. Let them watch you go to the toilet. Explain to them what you're doing, right through to wiping, flushing, and washing your hands. If they're comfortable with it, you can even let them flush for you so they get used to the sound and the splashing.
  • Warm ups: Make sure they have words for everything you might need to discuss throughout the toilet training process, e.g. wee, poo, potty, and that feeling they get when they feel the urge to use the toilet.
  • Introduce the potty: Let them familiarise themselves with their potty (ideally the one they chose!) before they start using it. Encourage them to sit on it fully clothed to get used to it, use it as a chair, or even put their dolls or teddy bears on it so you can demonstrate how it's done.
  • Story Time: Explain toilet training to your child and why we need to wee and poo. There are plenty of books you can read to them, which are specifically written for children about to start toilet training.

Toilet training shopping list

Prepare for the toilet training adventure with this list of helpful items.

  • Huggies Nappy-Pants: These are a great option to help your kid transition from nappies to real underwear as it slides on easily like pants with the absorbency of an open nappy.
  • Potty or toilet training seat?: Use whichever method you and your child feel most comfortable with you even may want to experiment with both!
  • Pants with elastic waists: Clothes that are easy for your toddler to remove are essential while toilet training. Avoid anything with buttons, zips, or drawstrings and stick with elastic. The more your child can control the process, including getting dressed and undressed, the better.
  • Reward chart and prizes: Kids respond well to positive encouragement, so a rewards chart can help them to track their accomplishments. Download the free Huggies Toilet Training Reward Chart and arm yourself with stickers, colouring books, toys or their favourite treats Knowing their currency and what motivates them will help make the process easier.
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