Baby Skin Bumps

It’s normal for the irresistibly soft and smooth skin of your baby to encounter the occasional bump in the road. Babies can develop bumps and spots on their skin from birth, and the more you know about your newborn’s sensitive skin, the more confident you can feel about caring for it.

Causes of bumps on baby skin

There are many causes for bumps and some are more serious than others. Most are natural and harmless as the baby's skin adjusts to a new environment.

Some common causes for bumps on baby skin include:

  • Normal hormonal changes as mum's hormones continue to circulate around the baby's bloodstream after birth. This is a common cause of pimples and baby acne in the first two to three weeks, and it will clear up before the six month mark.
  • Immature pores and developing oil glands on bub's face. Like adults, blocked pores may cause tiny white bumps and whiteheads to appear around the baby's nose, cheeks, and forehead. These usually clear up around the first four weeks of life.
  • Inflammation. Most babies do not begin sweating until they are six months old, and the use of any topical cream or lotion may cause a breakout of bumps or a rash to appear.

In some rare cases, infection may cause more serious bumps to appear around the baby's body. These usually surface in the form of a red rash, and are often accompanied by a fever. It is important to consult your doctor or health care professional if further symptoms develop, as they may require additional treatment.

How to treat skin bumps

Most bumps are harmless and will go away on their own. The bumps are not likely to cause your baby any pain or discomfort beyond mild itchiness.

If the bumps seem to make bub fussy, or your baby's face is very oily, you can care for their skin irritation by:

  • Gently washing their face with warm water remember to pat dry
  • Use a gentle, safe, and hypoallergenic baby wipe to clean the skin from anything that may cause skin irritation

Things to avoid:

  • Touching, or squeezing the bumps rubbing also has the potential to make baby acne worse
  • Applying lotions, creams, and acne medicine intended for older children and adults
  • Using baby powder talc can cause lung irritation

Try to keep in mind that the soft skin of a baby is super sensitive and if you use any skin care product it should be one that is specifically made for babies. Skin care products formulated for adults may contain chemicals and fragrances that will be too harsh for infant skin.

It's a good idea consult your doctor or healthcare professional for skin care guidance if you are concerned, or if the spots and bumps don t go away after a couple of weeks.

For more information on rashes, take a look at our eczema, dry skin, and nappy rash pages.

16/09/21 - min Read

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