25 first hugs

After what seems like a lifetime of planning and anticipation, not to mention nine months of carrying your bundle of joy, the time has finally arrived for you to cradle your baby in your arms. From relief to complete ecstasy, pride to overwhelming love, here are our favourite 25 incredibly intimate confessions from parents about holding their baby for the very first time. Thanks to our Huggies mums for contributing.

1. Amanda Yalda

7 weeks ago I held my first born Amelia:

best feeling in the world

2. Jessica Louise Swalwell

After a long 28hour labour, a few complications, and an emergency Caesarian, I held little Ivy for the first time, tears streamed out and all my fears/ worries/ pain was gone, she was all that mattered! She was then taken away to be weighed etc. that moment of seeing her and holding her for the first time got me through the rest of the surgery, time stood still. I just pictured her over and over again. And to this day I picture it clear as day. Proudest moment ever. And she still makes me prouder and prouder everyday

3. Lela Coulton

My girl was induced at 39 weeks with no epidural cause I thought I'd be brave haha it was brutal but super fast, I resembled the exorcist with my head spinning in 360 while I growled at anyone who came too close.

3 hours later Aubrey Taylor was born and just 2 hours after that we went from the birthing suite straight to the car and we drove our girl home.

I felt like the strongest woman alive and the prize for being so brave? was our 6lb 11oz ball of cuteness.

4. Monica Smith

I wasn't able to hold my baby for 4 days. He was born via emergency c section due to placental abruption at 34+5 and spent 6 days in nicu then 10 days in special care.

5. Jessie Wheldon

A magical moment that my husband was lucky enough to capture! Tears of joys as I hold my baby girl for the first time!

6. Jess Allan

First time was very brief but still amazing as I had a csection in a small hospital. My daughter was whisked away with her dad.

Second time I made sure things were different when I had my identical sons

7. Veronica Munday-Stevens

I will never forget it. He was so sweet after being induced early (36w) I feared I wouldn t get that first hold or skin to skin. My little man was such a trooper and did everything fine no need for oxygen etc. The midwife delivered him and put him straight to me. I looked into his eyes and then felt this warmth trickle down me as he peed. I remember exclaiming "he just peed on me". Happiest day of my life. He is 1 now and has peed on me numerous times since and I know its just love lol

8. Jordan Robinson

Even though I went through a traumatic delivery and ended up needing an emergency c section it was one of the best days ever getting to meet my little man for the first time.

9. Christine Fagalilo

After being rushed into an emergency C section and hours of surgery after plus recovery time, This was the first time I met my angel.

The beautiful little girl my husband and I waited for what seemed like a lifetime for.

After years of failed attempts of conception, She was finally ours. Our beautiful Angel

10. Kallie Alviano

After a very long labour, my first cuddle of my little girl was when she was placed onto my chest immediately after birth. And I remember thinking, my god she is heavy! But looking at me with her gorgeous big eyes made me forget all the back pain, all the sleepiness brought on by the morphine and my husband and I felt like we were on cloud 9! This is a little cuddle I got to have a week after (and Christine's 1st selfie).

11. Amanda Jade Richter

This was my first cuddle with my little girl (she is now 7). She was born 11 weeks early and only weighed 1.2kgs.

I am now pregnant with number 2, we are hoping he/she doesn't follow in his/her big sisters foot steps, and decides to keep "cooking" a little longer.

12. Emma Margaret

I looked down as he came out, his arms and legs shot out like a starfish and he cried until he was on me, then he hung on like a baby koala and snuggled into my chest. His little hands gripped me and his little knees were smooshed between my breasts. I'll never forget the first time I looked down at his little swollen, beautiful face.

13. Megan Dunstan

After 9+ years of IVF, we finally had our miracle bubs... Jasper William.... This is the first hold & picture of us together.

14. Chrissy Mayne

My first baby girl after 4 boys was truely an amazing moment! Couldn't believe I finally had a girl after 4 beautiful boys!! She ended up being the hardest labour, even though she was 2 pounds lighter!! I developed preeclampsia so had to be induced. After 12hours of labour she was born posterior with a big team of nurses and doctors in the room as she was getting distressed. Finally I pushed her out and she was a healthy beautiful baby girl!! Amazing moment!

15. Karlee-Ann Manchester

My precious little Eric had a few difficulties in entering this world but after 2 days and alot of support he arrived more beautiful than I could ever imagine. The best day of my life and most cherished photo.

16. Krystle Hird

Riley was born by c-section Tues 12th April (he's a week old tomorrow) The moment I heard his first cry I started balling my eyes out. Within minutes, he was checked, wrapped and placed on my chest for our first family photo. As you can see I was overwhelmed with love and had tears of joy, hence the red face. I could not have been happier in this moment & have loved every moment with him this first week

17. Samantha Martin

I don't think words can explain the moment you can first hold your miracle - whether by natural birth, caesar, surrogacy or adoption. All equally amazing. My two boys 8/13 and 1/16 were just to precious. Most challenging yet rewarding thing I've done xx

18. Alicia Passingham

Don't know if I'd ever cried with happiness before I met him. But sure have now.

19. Sarah Elliot

I had an emergency c-section and was put to sleep so I didn't get to meet my little girl for about 2 hours after she was born but it was the best feeling in the world.

20. Veronica Nou

Ngawww. Baby Claire, placed in my arms after a one hour labour sans painkillers or obstetrician (his car broke down!) but including postpartum haemorrhage, tears and some verbal abuse of the wonderfully patient nurses who were talking me through it, and also a serious attempt to break every bone in my husbands' hand. All worthwhile of course.

21. Shannon Markham

This was the first time I held my baby

My little man was born on the 3rd of April 2016. After being four days overdue, and being in labor for 36 hours, which included an induction for mine and his safety I can not even begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of the first time I held him!!

It was so quick he arrived into the world at 6:57am on Sunday and they passed him straight through my legs to me. I have never felt such instant love! Exhaustion had hit, but nothing will ever top the moment when he laid on my chest and we just cuddled for an hour. It is a moment I will never forget, my fianc and I new that our hearts were his and life would forever change after that day!!

He is now 16 days old and continues to surprise us in ways that we could not have even thought of,

22. Paige Janev

After having a loss off my first child at only 9 days old 1 year later I fell pregnant again and the first time I held him it was scary cause it brought back so many memories of holding my first child and just relief that God gave me a second chance in life.My second son came out not able to breath and then all of a sudden everything went normal and I didn't want to let go of him when I held him I had such happiness with him in my arms.

23. Karisa Parsons

The first time I held my baby was 4weeks ago.

We waited a long time to hold her.

13 hours labour, one week past her due date, 9 months pregnant and almost a whole year of trying to conceive.

After the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done, she was here, and was put straight on my chest and into my arms. I couldn't believe she was finally here, after waiting so long. I couldn't stop looking at her, she had my eyes and daddy's hair. I stared at her for what felt like hours, taking in every inch of her, she was perfect.

She is still brand new and I have so much to look forward to.

I cannot wait for everything that is to come.

24. Shinead Kralj

Miss Olivia Ivana! Just hours after being born.

Spontaneous labour at 39 weeks. My husband and I were moving into our new home when my little girl decided to break my waters. She didn't want us to spend a night in our home without her.. When she was placed on my chest, my husband and I were in tears of joy.. Our little girl completed us and turned our house into a home with her sweet little cries! She has made us a family

I won't ever forget that sigh she gave when I kissed her head for the first time and warmed her little feet after I gave birth. It's an amazing feeling and a memory we will always treasure. She stole my heart in an instant xx

25. Laura Flanders

Only a minute old here! After being told my chances of having children would be very slim I didn't expect to fall pregnant only a few months later!

16/09/21 - min Read

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