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my skin needs help

Hello, everyone. I'm going to give birth in April, but this topic is not about it. I used to...

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<a href=" For All review</a> is for those who would love to learn pi...


Early stages of pregnancy

Hi ladies, I’m just under 4 weeks pregnant and have known for 1 week. I’m so scared of something...

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Hi there, unfortunately I can't offer much advice but I can offer some empathy, if that helps?? I noticed no one had responded ...


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what kind of shoes do you wear?

I have puma's. I've been wearing puma's for about two years. Before those emo pose...

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Hello, ladies! This is very familiar to me and I can understand you . I also wear what I 'm comfortable in all the time. Parent...


need help with literature review

hey, everyone. I've been writing my dissertation, but after giving birth it's a little ...

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Hey. I can imagine how hard and complicated it can be to write a dissertation and take care after a baby. You can find a dissertatio...

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