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What do you wish you'd packed in your hospital bag?

What do you wish you'd packed in your hospital bag?

1 reply

I wish i packed more than one maternity top. Like the breadtfeeding bonds singlets. And a breastfeefing pillow. Had to get my mum to...


Healthy eating and exercise

Hi, Do you have any healthy eating and exercise tips? Thanks

2 replies

I find it easy to cut out foods one at a time rather than all at once. Whenever I try to do an all healthy diet I end up cheating. S...


Freaking out mumma-to-be here!

Hi, I am getting a little paranoid and wondering if anyone on here can help please. I have just f...

3 replies

I had a bit of a surprise pregnancy too, but luckily at the time I was on a special diet, so was eating all the right things anyway....

Little Lion

Moving house, emotional toddler upset by the thought!

We are about to leave our current residence and move into our family home, a move that will be wo...

4 replies

Wow that is great. Wishing you a well in your new home !


My toddler hates his baby sister.

From the day they met, my son (25 months old) didn't want anything to do with his baby siste...

1 reply

It's a massive adjustment for your son, be patient. Like you said he will come around in his own time. He's not used to sh...

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