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going for checkup

hello to all my sister. hope everyone is fine.There are many other clinics you can refer. I am al...

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Hey, hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your experience here, I am glad you chose this clinic. You're doing the right ...



Hello, everyone. I hope you are all okay. I just wanted to write this post after my recent issue....

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Hey there, how are you? Hope you are doing well. Well, no doubt infertility is a curse. But because of technology there are other op...


Update About the upcoming event of BioTexCom clinic!!

Hello there, hope everyone is enjoying the springs of life. Well, this post is about some serious...

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Hello. I feel sorry for you. I am also infertile. I selected the best clinic for myself. And now. I am the mother of a surrogate chi...


first planing experience

Hey! i am doing well. how are you doing? i want to share my first pregnancy planing experience. a...

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This was such a lovely post. It makes me really happy. You had such a nice experience. I'm glad that you did. You deserved it! ...


Worst Experience

Hey there, how are you all doing? I hope you all are doing fine. I am about to share the experien...

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Hi, Amelia. How are you? I hope you've recovered from this shock. This is unbelievable! Nobody deserves this treatment. My pray...

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