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Epidural in Australia?

Hey lovely mummas, I was just wondering if anyone has been offered or has had an epidural in Aus...

10 replies

Yeah I've heard there is risks and downsides to it, but even so, I had my son 6 months ago and didnt have an epidural n he need...


what am i doing wrong

Hi guys im at my wits end! I dont know what i can do to help my baby sleep better at night hes 5 ...

4 replies

Your not doing anything wrong, he's being a baby. That's what babys do. My son is the same age (roughly) as yours (I remem...


Sudden headache

Hi all, I'm not sure if I should call my midwife or not. I'm 26+4 and I've just go...

2 replies

How are you going? Have you seen Dr or midwife? It does sound like possible spike in blood pressure & could be a sign of pre-ecl...


Newborn not lactose intolerant drinking lacto free milk

So my newborn sister is drinking lacto free formula, though she has tried lacto formula and seems...

4 replies

Thank you so much for the help


Poll: Who drinks/drank during TWW

Random question... Who drinks alcohol during their TWW? I avoid alcohol during pregnancy but I d...

2 replies

I had a couple of drinks in the tww. I wouldn't have gone overboard, but a few glasses of wine in the week, I felt was ok.

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