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Hard white stuff coming out of montgomery glands. Early pregnancy symptom???

So I'm CD22 and last night after I had a shower I had hard white stuff protruding from my Mo...

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No to breastfeeding as this is my first time TTC ... yes to stopping the pill ... I have put it down to hormones and have noticed ...

**Growing Baby Lampitt**

Due May 2016

Hi, I can't find a thread for Mums expecting in May 2016. I'm due on the 2nd May (aft...

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I hear you - it is very hard not to let your mind think of negative things... My Dr suggested a scan next week (I'll be about ...


Baby Monitor

Hi! Just after some advice on what's the best Baby Monitor? I'm a first time mum, so e...

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i brought the angel care monitor as it has the movement detector which im most concerned with. Detects breathing alerts if stops. ...


Worried about when baby starts to roll over onto stomach in bed.

Hey ladies, how did y'all go with the rolling over onto belly stage for the first time with ...

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Thanks Pixie Chick, yeah it's very worrying! I'm dreading the night I wake to find him on his belly! I think I will get fr...

dancing queen

weaning 9 month old - advice needed!

So I've been very lucky with my breastfeeding journey and have successfully done so for the ...

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When I start dropping the day feeds if she refuses the bottle do I not offer her the boob and give tough love, eg bottle or nothing?

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