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TTC October 2015

Thought I'd kick start the October board Abbreviations list as follows: TTC - Trying to c...

20 replies

Hi ladies, we have just started to TTC #2, we had our son in Jan this year and with me having PCOS and endo we aren't sure how ...


january 2016

hi there. our baby is due jan 2016. i was hoping to make some friends with similar baby dates

7 replies

Performancecarchick what part of nz are you in? just trying to see if we would be able to share stories etc when our babies a...


Terrified to have a 2nd child

Hi I'm beyond terrified to have a 2nd child after the birth of my 1st son. He was 5 weeks e...

5 replies

I was very relaxed throughout my first pregnancy. Just waiting for it to end. All my scans said he would be a big baby and he sure i...


How long does it take you to get your little one to sleep?

Sleep and settling are amongst the biggest challenges faced by new parents. Have you got any tips...

2 replies

My son was sleeping through the night, up to 8 hours at a time by 6 weeks. I kept him up late and tried not to let him sleep much th...


Terrified of what is to come

Hi there, I am currently 12w pregnant with my second pregnancy, I lost my first baby at 19w 3d i...

3 replies

This new doctor seems great at understanding your worries i would deffinatly suggest investing in a doppler it will give you peace o...

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