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Formula feeding issues

Hi all, I'm brand new to this so my Apologies if I am doing it wrong... I'm a first ti...

3 replies

A baby with lactose intolerance usually has very loose bowels rather then constipation as an issue. The bowel motions are often almo...


Advice or Tips on how to keep cats AWAY and OUT OF Babys cot

I need some advise on how to keep my cat from jumping in baby's cot and sleeping. I am 38 we...

2 replies

Cover the cot mattress in something waterproof and get a spray bottle. spray cat every time you catch it in there. put tinfoil in co...


PLEASE HELP! Struggling to toilet almost 4 year old

Hi all, My son is 4 in May and not even a little bit toilet trained. We have tried many times in...

2 replies

My best friend's son (he is 3) was struggling with the same issue. My friend has found that pruns is good for anyone who has th...


Win an $800 photo shoot at Studio 504 just by voting for my entry!

So recently Hubby and I won a $800 photo shoot by voting on someone's picture. We got makeov...

1 reply

PS, I don't usually do things like this, but I would really appreciate it if anyone can take the 1 minute to click on the link ...


Flat head

Does anyone else's baby have a flat head at the back? My lil boy is 3mths old and he has a f...

2 replies

My son had a flat head when he was a baby, my gp and midwives told me it was nothing to worry about and he will just grow into it an...

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