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Epidural in Australia?

Hey lovely mummas, I was just wondering if anyone has been offered or has had an epidural in Aus...

12 replies

Yep definitely asking for one next time! Thanks ladies x



Thought I'd kick start the December thread for those who are/will be moving into December so...

13 replies

AF showed up for me today. Bit disappointed as wondered if last month could have been the one as was getting pain while breastfeedin...


Poll: Who drinks/drank during TWW

Random question... Who drinks alcohol during their TWW? I avoid alcohol during pregnancy but I d...

2 replies

I had a couple of drinks in the tww. I wouldn't have gone overboard, but a few glasses of wine in the week, I felt was ok.


Poll please on Pronunciation

Hi Everyone, So I would like to see how you would all pronounce the boys name LEONARD. I just w...

4 replies

Agree with Makalu, definatly Len-ed. If you say it quite fast, it has an Ed on the end.


MMR booster

I havent posted on here for YEARS! HI all... I had my second baby 16 months ago. before TTC with ...

2 replies

I had all vaccinations as a child and teenager. I had a blood test prior to ttc DD, and had no rubella immunity, so got another vac...

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