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HELP ME!!!!!!

Hi I have a 4 months old and I'm on the pill I have a feeling I'm pregnant as I'v...

4 replies

4th time around you'll ace it. Have you found out if you are pregnant or not?


Tired due to 18 month old still waking

My 18 month old son is still waking 2-3 times a night and I don't know why. He is awake at 5...

5 replies

I did what little egg and me+hub+3 are talking about! As horrible as it feels I let my kids cry back to sleep. as long as I knew the...


pregnancy tests

Help please!! Ive done so many pregnancy tests and they've all turned up possitive 10 tests ...

1 reply

Blood test


when did you tell work you are pregnant?

I am just wondering when everyone told their work they were pregnant? I am 14 weeks and 5 days.....

2 replies

I was 13 weeks when I told my work. I was very lucky in that the first trimester gave now indications to others that I was unwell. I...


Baby 2 weeks bigger

We had our morphology scan yesterday, my original due date was 19th February going by my LMP. Thi...

1 reply

Sounds like it's fine to me. Ultrasounds aren't exact and can be way off at times. My sister got told she was having 9 p...

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