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TTC September 2015

Starting up the September thread as August is coming to an end! TWB- TWW- Crazy_mama - TTC#3, ...

36 replies

Hi there, jumping over from august as AF arrived today. Cycles seem to be getting shorter each month! TTC#1, cycle 7, O due around 1...

Breanna Lea

Vaginal Birth after a previous 3rd degree tear

Hi, Just wondering if anyone else was able to have a vaginal birth following a previous 3rd degre...

10 replies

I had a very similar experience and outcomes to makalu, but a 3a tear, with my first. Second bub was bigger, but was able to birth ...


Pretty name & age things on the bottom of people's posts?

Hi all, can someone tell me how to get one of those pretty child's name and age things on th...

12 replies

Thanks Leisa. I've emailed the huggies moderators so maybe they can help me. Thanks for all your help and you too Pixie chick.


Stuck on boys name for #2

We are having our second boy in January and so stuck on names. We struggled to come up with names...

4 replies

I do like Luka, I've been trying to convince DH on it since DS1


When did you let your toddler walk at the shops?

My 14 month old has been walking from 9 months old but everytime we go to the shops he sits In hi...

3 replies

Thankyou both for replying, my son is extremely independant but sometimes likes being in his pram. The other day while i was at the...

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