bath time

Monica Trapaga, has experienced a mother’s worst nightmare. Having prepared the bath ready for the nightly bath time routine, she ducked into the kitchen to check on the dinner. Her son returned to the bathroom and reached for the hot tap and turned it on. He accidentally toppled into the now scalding bath, fully clothed, causing severe burns to his body. Fortunately, Monica reacted quickly and used her first aid training by running cold water continuously over her son while her husband called an ambulance.

Bath time

Episode 1 Being a mum

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Swimming with kids

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Monica’s message is never leave a child unattended in or near a bath no matter what. Let the phone ring or the dinner burn, it’s not worth the risk. She also recommends that you check that your water system has the hot water temperature capped at the recommended 50^o^C to help prevent your child from being affected by scalding water. Watch this segment to hear her tell the story.

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