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How to entertain the kids is something we all face on a daily basis. Monica Trapaga, the expert at entertaining kids, has two children of her own, Atticus and Lily. She recommends making sure that there is plenty of television free time and that you get down and do things with the kids. Monica suggests it’s not that important how a project turns out but it is important to allow your children’s creativity and imagination to direct the activity you are doing together.

Entertaining the kids

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Monica shows us some papier mache puppets she has made with her kids; all from scraps laying around the house. Sarah Bryden-Brown, editor of Kid Spot, retells a story of her own children’s ingenuity when they used a cardboard roll and the liquid soap from the bathroom to blow bubbles for over an hour. She also recommends creating your own edible paints – that way you never have to worry about them putting their hands in their mouths after face or finger painting.

Monica reminds us that recycling does not just refer to the rubbish bin, but that there are many items that can be used for craft with the kids, such as old cartons, lids, paper and cards to name a few.

So what outings can parents do that are fun and inexpensive? Sarah Bryden-Brown recommends doing something that is interesting and fun for both of you, such as a visit to the fish markets for a stroll around and perhaps a seafood lunch or wandering around the local nursery talking about the different plants and even buying a small herb pot that can be taken home for an afternoon of gardening.

Lea Wilson recalls spending many an afternoon on the edge of a building site while her son marveled at the heavy machinery and kept him entertained for hours. Rachel says that she learnt pretty quickly that one of the best days out with her kids is to hang out at the airport for a few hours and simply watch all of the activity going on. Too often the simple things are overlooked, like the good old fashioned picnic or a visit to the park or beach. Everyone agrees that just getting out of the house and having some fresh air is good for both mum and the kids.

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