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'Welcome Home Baby’ with Midwife Cath

Baby guru Midwife Cath and Huggies have joined forces to create a special selection of useful tips, tricks and resources to help you navigate the unknown, sometimes daunting, but extremely precious journey of life with a newborn. Explore more below.


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Easy Nappy Changes
2:20 | Published 2 days ago
Master the art of nappy changing with this helpful guide to make every change time a breeze.

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Caring for Newborn Skin
1:31 | Published 2 days ago
Help keep babies’ delicate skin clean and protected with these simple, skin-loving solutions.

Establishing Sleep
1:43 | Published 2 days ago
Learn to establish sleep patterns, with these handy hits to help prepare your bub for a restful night of slumber.

Wrapping Baby
1:49 | Published 2 days ago
A step-by-step guide to wrapping baby for all occasions.

Bathing Baby
1:45 | Published 2 days ago
Bring joy to every wash time with this easy guide to bathing baby.

Play and Development
1:37 | Published 2 days ago
Learn simple ways to begin active play – to help support baby’s early development.

Useful Advice
1:33 | Published 2 days ago
A special selection of Midwife Cath’s favourite tips to help new parents.

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Midwife Cath

About Midwife Cath

Midwife Cath - Cath Curtin – is a trusted expert in women’s health, pre-pregnancy, antenatal care and education, pregnancy, labour and birth, postnatal care, breastfeeding, and parenting. She has delivered thousands of babies throughout her 46-year career. Trained and fully qualified as a nurse, midwife and maternal and child health nurse, Cath has an incomparable depth of experience and is trusted brand partner of Huggies.


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