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Toilet Training Reward & Sticker Chart

Get Your Free Potty Training Chart

When you download the free toilet training guide from Huggies, a toilet training progress chart is included that you can hang on a wall near your child’s potty or the toilet. Rewards charts are a great toilet training tool and generally accepted as key part of the toilet training process.

The chart is reversible and features 2 unique features: Toy Story and Princesses.

What’s in the Chart?

The chart shows the most important stages in toilet training:

  • Stage 1: I can tell Mum when I’m wet!
  • Stage 2: I can wear Nappy-Pants!
  • Stage 3: I can sit on the toilet or potty!
  • Stage 4: I can put on and take off Nappy-Pants by myself!
  • Stage 5: I can tell Mum when I need to use the potty!
  • Stage 6: I can use the toilet with help from Mum!
  • Stage 7: I can use the toilet and I can flush the toilet too!
  • Stage 8: I can wipe myself now and wash my hands after the potty or toilet!
  • Stage 9: I’m keeping track of accidents and soon I’ll have a whole week without them!

Download your toilet training guide, or if you feel you and your child are ready, see how to start potty training.

Once your child has successfully toilet trained, you can reward them with our customisable 'Big Kid' certificate.