Get Your Free Potty Training Chart

When you download the free toilet training guide from Huggies, a toilet training progress chart is included that you can hang on a wall near your child’s potty or the toilet. Rewards charts are a great toilet training tool and generally accepted as key part of the toilet training process.

The chart is reversible to accommodate both boys and girls, with a Cars 2 design for boys and a pretty pink princess design for girls.

What’s in the Chart?

The chart shows the most important stages in toilet training:

  • Stage 1: I can tell Mum when I’m wet!
  • Stage 2: I can wear Training Pants!
  • Stage 3: I can sit on the toilet or potty!
  • Stage 4: I can put on and take off Training Pants by myself!
  • Stage 5: I can tell Mum when I need to use the potty!
  • Stage 6: I can use the toilet with help from Mum!
  • Stage 7: I can use the toilet and I can flush the toilet too!
  • Stage 8: I can wipe myself now and wash my hands after the potty or toilet!
  • Stage 9: I’m keeping track of accidents and soon I’ll have a whole week without them!

Download your toilet training guide, or if you feel you and your child are ready, see how to start potty training.