Baby stores – Where to buy Huggies Nappies

Baby stores

Huggies nappies and baby care products are available for purchase throughout Australia, both on-line and in your local grocery store, pharmacy or supermarket.

From newborn to toddler, boys or girls, Huggies products are innovative, clinically proven and of the highest quality to ensure your baby gets the comfort and care they deserve. Before you buy, research our detailed product pages to know which products are right for your child, and what the packages look like. If you’re shopping with junior, do your research ahead of time rather than trying to manage a small child in a shopping trolley and read packaging at the same time.

Buying baby products online – Safety Tips

All retailers mentioned below are independently owned and operated and not in any way affiliated with Kimberly-Clark or Huggies. The retailers have been included as a guide only and are updated from time to time. When shopping online you should always consider the following:

  • Who am I dealing with and is the organisation trustworthy? Trust indicators include a physical address, telephone number and some kind of endorsement by a local business organisation or business bureau.
  • How many baby products you want to order at one time. If you order in bulk, it may be cheaper but do you have the storage capacity?
  • Do you want the products delivered to your home or work business?
  • When will the order arrive?
  • Are there any hidden or extra fees and charges?
  • Does the retailer have a privacy policy?
  • Finally remember to always read the terms and conditions.

For more information on online shopping safety tips, we recommend visiting the Australian ACCC website which has comprehensive information and an online shopping checklist.

Online Retailers stocking Huggies Products

Buy baby products online to anywhere in Australia:

Buy baby products online for QLD:

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Buying baby products at your local shops

The following stores stock Huggies products, making it easy to pick them up when doing your regular grocery shopping or in an emergency: