Baby Names in Colour

With the increasing desire for unique baby names, parents are looking to so many different things for inspiration, including colours. When it comes to choosing baby names by colour, it helps to consider the different moods and feelings that each of the colours emit. For example, colour light therapy or chromatherapy is the technique of restoring balance by laying or sitting under the desired colour.

Red is energising. According to colour psychology, it is also considered to represent passionate, strong and confident.

Greens balance energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. In colour psychology, green is tied with nature also.

Orange colours bring warmth, cheer, wisdom and brightness.

Blues are considered soothing, relaxing and calm.

Yellows bring awakening, inspiration, and creativity

Purple colours are purifying, also inspiring creativity, though colour psychology also associates this colour with elegance loyalty and mystery.

Colour psychology can also help explain the meaning behind the following colours:

Black is considered edgy, sophisticated and serious tone

Brown is known to be neutral, earthy, organic, wholesome and natural, with feelings of warmth and security.

Pink is associated with passion, love, and femininity.

White often symbolises simplicity, purity and cleanliness.

Which colour you pick may depend on these characteristics of these colours and how you want these to be associated with your baby, how you like the sound of the name, or the colour of their eyes.

However also consider the cultural context as some colours that are celebrated in some may have a negative meaning in another. For instance white is associated with purity in the Western world, whereas in China, it is a colour worn to funerals so associated with death.

Whatever colour the name you choose means, it will sure bring colour to your baby’s name!

Baby names inspired by colours for boys

Cool and calm (Blue colours)


This name stems from one of the colours of the blue palette


This name can work for both genders and you could spell this Blu if you prefer

Fiery and passionate (Red colours)


English name meaning redheaded


A unisex name of French origins, meaning deep red gemstone, keeper of grain surname


Is the French word for red


Latin meaning fair


Rush is English and means red-haired person

Peace, harmony, balancing (Green colours)


Comes from the grey, green, bluish metamorphic rock


Of French and English origin, Sage means wise


Silver colour

English, German origins, it means valued and genuine

Cheerful, inspiring and creative (yellow colours)


English name meaning cheerful, bright disposition

Pure, loyal, mysterious, creative (Purple colours)


Latin for dark blue, this is a gender neutral name.

Earthy, organic, wholesome, security (Brown colours)


Bruno Mars is a famous Bruno, which comes from the Italian meaning of brown

Black colour


Inspired by the gemstone, this was a name given to the son of singer Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti

Baby names inspired by colours for girls

Cool and calm (Blue colours)


Latin for blue sky


Another colour and name from the blue palette

Cheerful, inspiring and creative (Yellow colours)


This exotic name, of Greek origin means yellow or fair haired


A Latin name meaning yellow gemstone

Warm, wise, bright and cheerful (Orange colours)


Surprisingly the meaning for this English name is ‘purple or white flowers, spice’


Though we make think of the fruit, the name of Latin and English origin means merciful


Greek, Latin meaning small stone

Passion, love, femininity (Pink colours)


Made famous by the singer herself


Peace, harmony, balancing (Green colours)


English name meaning the colour teal, a bird


Of Spanish origins, it means a bright green gem


English name, meaning wise, jewel (jade), the colour green


Drew Barrymore and Sacha Baron Cohen have named their children Olive, that mean peace, kind one, olive tree, affectionate.


Hazel is a name Julia Roberts picked for her daughter.

Cool and calm (Blue colours)


Spanish for blue sky

Fiery and passionate (Red colours)


Of Latin and French origins, it means red jewel


With English origins meaning deep red, made popular by actress Scarlett Johanssen.


Pure, loyal, mysterious, creative (Purple colours)


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their eldest daughter Violet

Black colour


English name meaning ‘a raven, wise, dark haired.’

White colour


English name, meaning ‘pure and white.’

Brown colour


Derived from the Italian town

Gold colour


Aurelia is of Latin origin, meaning golden

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Written by Tracey Cheung, April 2023. Tracey is a freelance writer with particular interest in writing about topics that promote health and wellness in the community. As a mother she has personal experience in writing content that helps other parents.

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