Disney baby names for your Prince

The princes in Disney movies often turn out to be great heroes, sweeping the princesses off their feet with their charms. Mostly. The Prince Hans in Frozen didn’t turn out to be such a great Prince after all. If you fancy a name with prince qualities, or are just needing some more ideas, here are some for inspiration. What is great about these names are that they are particularly unique and charming. The Disney movies these names come from, range from the most popular ones, the very old and classic ones, to the lesser known Disney movies.

Disney Prince Names


Eric is the prince that Ariel falls for in “The Little Mermaid”. Of Scandinavian origins, it means ‘powerful.’


Flynn is the name of Rapunzel’s love interest in the film “Tangled”. An Irish name, with the meaning ‘son of a red-haired man.’ Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have named their son Flynn.


Prince Philip is from “Sleeping Beauty”. Apart from the movie, in real life, Philip also has several royal and historical ties, including King Philip the Great, the father of Alexander the Great.

Disney Antagonist Names


Clayton is the villain in ‘Tarzan.’ The English meaning for Clayton is ‘mortal.’


Hans from “Frozen” was the prince charming for Anna who turned out to be not so charming. Hans is Hebrew for ‘god's gracious gift.’


Amos Slade is the name of the antagonist in the movie “The Fox and the Hound”.
Interestingly Amos was also the main character, a mouse, in the 1953 Disney animated 20 minute short film ‘Amos.’

Impactful Disney Supporting Character Names


Hudson is becoming an increasingly trendy name, and it comes from the character Doctor Hudson Hornet, a retired race car, medical doctor and local judge in the ‘Cars’ movie who helps Lightning McQueen race his way to victory. Of English origin, it means ‘son of the hooded man.’


Kristoff was the cool and friendly guy from “Frozen” who Anna ends up falling in love with. Kristoff can be a variation of the name Christopher.


Pascal, a favourite sidekick in the film “Tangled”, he helps Rapunzel realize that she must leave the tower. Trusted and loyal friend, he possesses good traits that you might want your child to live up to. Of Hebrew origins, it means ‘born on Passover’.


Randall, is one of the monsters from the movie “Monster University”. Of English origin, it means wolf shield and is a variation of Randolph.


Nash is a teenage Tyrannosaurus, the name of Ramsey’s little brother, ‘The Good Dinosaur.’


Name your child Oaken for a truly distinctive name. Oaken is the owner of ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna’ from ‘Frozen.’


Your child will be associated with the adorable snowman in ‘Frozen’ who protects Anna and teaches her the true meaning of love. Of Old Norse origins, it means relic.


King Stefan is Aurora’s dad in “Sleeping Beauty”. Of German origins, it means wreath


James P. Sullivan is the scarer character from ‘Monsters University”. Sullivan’s nickname was Sully in the movie, so you could also shorten it like that for your son.


Sven is Kristoff's loveable and loyal reindeer best friend.


From the movie Hercules, Zeus is the father of Hercules, the ruler of the gods and has reign over Mount Olympus. Its meaning is King of the gods, from Greek mythology.


One that you don’t hear very often is Cliff, the name of the adoptive father of Kristoff in the ‘Frozen’ movie. It can be short for Clifford, which has English origins, meaning ‘hill, near a slope.’


Finn Missile is the British master spy in “Cars 2”. Celebrity couple Ed Burns and Christy Turlington named their son Finn. Of Irish and English origins, it menas fair, blond, hero from Irish mythology.


The toy astronaut in ‘Toy Story’, you might consider this name if you are seeking something very distinctive and fun for your child.

Cute Disney Animal Names


Donald is the short-tempered and angry duck character Donald Duck. Old English origins, it means ruler of the world. You could also opt for the shorter version, Don.


Marlin is the loving father of Nemo in “Finding Nemo.” Of English origin, it means a form of Merle, blackbird.


Sebastian is the crab, friend of Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”. It is of Greek, Latin origins, meaning majestic, revered


Elliot is the adorable, fire-breathing dragon hero of “Pete’s Dragon.” The name is of Hebrew and is a variation of Elijah.


Zini is a lemur and a supporting character from Disney's 2000 film Dinosaur.


Duke Weaselton is the weasel, a supporting character in the film “Zootopia.” Duke is of Latin origins and means ‘leader’.


Bruce is the great white shark in “Finding Nemo”, the name is of English, Scottish, French origin. It was a medieval surname, with the meaning of ‘brushwood’.


Arlo is the main character, a young Apatosaurus in 2015 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, ‘The Good Dinosaur.’ German in origin, it means ‘hill’.

Inspiring Disney Hero Names


Andy is the main character in ‘Toy Story’ movie series. He is the boy who owns the talking toys. Of Hebrew origin, the name means troubled, brave.


This name is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Arthur is the main character, an orphan boy who becomes King of England in the animated film “The Sword in the Stone”. Of English and Celtic origins, it means noble, follower of the god Thor, strong as a bear, courageous, mythical British king.


Christopher is the name of the sweet little boy friend of Winnie the Pooh in the movie “100 Acres Wood”. Of Greek origins, meaning ‘follower of Christ.’


Oliver is the name of the lead actor in “Oliver & Company”. Oliver is a French name meaning ‘olive tree’. As of 2022, this name has held the top spot for nine years as most popular boys name, according to McCrindle’s annual top 100 baby name report. Of English origin, it is a name symbolising beauty and dignity, meaning from the olive tree and affectionate.


Russell is the cute little boy from the film “Up”. The name is of French origin and means fox-like, red-haired. Russ and Rusty are cute variations.

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Written by Tracey Cheung, April 2023. Tracey is a freelance writer with particular interest in writing about topics that promote health and wellness in the community. As a mother she has personal experience in writing content that helps other parents.

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