Palindromic Names: Baby Names That Work Backwards & Forwards

If you like the thought of a name that has a clever twist yet sounds wonderful, consider a palindrome name. A palindrome is a type of word that spells the same from both ends.

Palindrome baby names for girls

Many of the baby girl names in the top 100 baby names for 2022 ended in a vowel or ‘y’ sound. So palindrome girl names will most likely start with a vowel or ‘y’ sound.

Ada- Means “noble” in German.

Aidia: A name with Spanish roots, it means “help”.

Ailia: A gorgeous Irish name meaning “light”.

Aj: Arabic for “priestess of Mecca”.

Aka: May suit a child with red hair, as it means “red”.

Alala: Of Greek origins meaning ‘war cry’, which might suit a competitive girl.

Aleela: A pretty name from South Africa, popular among the Swahili tribes, meaning “she cries”.

Alla: Greek in origins, it means “truth”.

Ama: “Born on Saturday” is the meaning of this name, so it may suit if your daughter was born on that day.

Anana: Its origins are from Iceland, and it translates to “beautiful”.

Ana: Recently made popular by the princess in the animated film “Frozen,” Ana means “cave, she who will rise again”.

Anna: Though a very common name, it has a gorgeous meaning, “gracious”.

Anona- A Latin name, it means “seasonal plantings, connection to natural”.

Ara: Arabic for “rain”.

Arora: This is a variant of the name Aurora, meaning “goddess of dawn”.

Aya: Of Japanese origin, means “colour”.

Ardra: Name of a Hindu Goddess.

Asa: What a beautiful name to set your daughter up for being “grateful”, as it means in Arabic.

Ava: Means “life”.

Aviva: Meaning “innocent” or “springtime” in Latin.

Aziza: “Cherished” or “beloved” are the meanings for this name.

Azza: Of Arabic origins, it means “powerful”.

Eevee: Meaning “born on Christmas Eve” in Old English. It may suit if your daughter happens to be born on that day.

Eidie: A Nordic name that means “wealthy”.

Elle – French for “she”.

Eme: Hawaiian for “loved”.

Emme -Can be short for Emmeline and is of German origins, meaning “universal” or “whole”.

Hannah – Meaning grace, of Hebrew origins.

Ireri- Kenyan, means ”one who nurtures” or guardian”.

Itati- This exotic name is South American meaning “stone”, perfect for naming a strong daughter.

Ivi -Pronounced Ivy and is its alternate spelling.

Izzi -Of Arabic origin, means “mighty”.

Layal-Arabic for “night”.

Maham- Persian for “piece of the moon”.

Maram- If you desire your daughter to be an inspiration, this name means “inspiration”.

Nin: Hebrew, means “grace”.

Rosor (Roh-zor)- A funky take on Rose.

Syny (Sin-ee) – Similar to Sydney.

Viv: French origin, meaning “alive”.

Palindrome baby names for boys

Aba: African for “born on Thursday”, perfect if that was certainly the case.

Adda – English name meaning wealthy.

Aja- Another gender neutral name, of Hindi origin, meaning “goat”.

Aoloa: If you are after a super unique name, Aoloa may be one to consider. It is Hawaiian for “distinguished person.”

Asa- This gender neutral name is of Japanese origins, meaning “born at dawn”.

Ata- Of Persian and Turkish origin, it means “gift or forefather”.

Bob- a nickname for Robert, English for “bright”.

Natan- A variant of Nathan, which means “gift from God”.

Navan- A Hebrew name meaning “champion”.

Neven- German name meaning “saintly”.

Otto- if you fancy setting up your son for wealth already, this name means “prosperous”.

Rydyr- The English word for “knight” and a variant of Ryder.

Rayar- Arabic for “way of heaven”.

Renner- German meaning “to run”.

Sabas- Of Greek and Hebrew origins, meaning “old man”.

Sebes- A Hungarian name meaning “fast”.

Tommot – A town in Russia.

Don’t forget that you can always use the Huggies Baby Name Generator to your advantage to help you come up with interesting combinations based on your desire for meanings or initials. With thousands of names to choose from, be inspired by popular, unique and original baby names.


Written by Tracey Cheung, April 2023. Tracey is a freelance writer with particular interest in writing about topics that promote health and wellness in the community. As a mother she has personal experience in writing content that helps other parents.

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